CH 17

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The sunlight seeped through the windows and casted on your eyelids, causing it to twitch at the contact. Stretching your arms, you felt a weight above you only to glance below and see Megumi sleeping peacefully on your chest. That was when you realized that you have spent the night at Gojo's. Observing the young boy, your heart fluttered seeing how his chubby cheek was squished against your breasts and his long lashes were almost touching his skin. Was it a thing for his cheeks to look rosy earlier in the morning too?

Staying in bed, your arm stretched for the night stand for your phone and noticed the text from Daisuke. Perplexed feelings started to bubble from within and you flickered your eyes to the eight year old, a voice telling you to savour the moment and settle other issues later in the day. After all, it was a Saturday and one of your boundaries was trying not to contact colleagues during the weekends. Work-life balance things.

Megumi shifted in his position and let out a yawn before his eyes widened to reveal his green orbs. "Good morning, Megumi." Your voice came out in a whisper while rubbing his back affectionately. "Mama..." The sleepiness in his eyes faded away when he realized that you did stay over for the night. "You didn't go home?" His brows raised for a second to capture the moment. "I guess I fell asleep too," you laughed lightly. Megumi pressed his face against your chest to hide the blush seeping through his cheeks, letting out a hum in acknowledgement.

Gojo was in the living room sipping on a glass of orange juice when he heard footsteps coming down the stairs. He looked to see that it was you carrying Megumi by the hip,"Good morning~" He sang and twirled his way towards the both of you. "Sorry for staying over. I dozed off while waiting for Megumi to sleep." You apologized and booped Megumi's nose. "Oh, no worries! I understand that litttle Gumi wants his mama!" Gojo ruffled Megumi's bed hair. The little boy scowled and hid his face in the crook of your neck, "Annoying..." He pouted adorably. Gojo watched you pressed kisses on Megumi while giggling and agreeing with him regarding Gojo's annoying behaviour. The pout on the little boy's lips faded and was replaced with a small smile. Gojo's lips curved upwards as he was smitten at the interaction- Wait. A smack was heard and you glanced at Gojo to see that he lightly slapped his cheek.

"What was that for?"
"For being annoying. Sorry, Gumi."
"As you should. C'mon, baby. Let's see what we can whip up for breakfast!"

"Tsumiki, dear. Breakfast's ready!" You called out for her and placed the plate of waffles on the table. "I dropped Tsumiki at her friend's place for a weekend stay over." Gojo dragged a chair across the ground and sat on it to have his meal. "Is that so? She must be happy that her guardian allows such things." Gojo's cheeky behaviour faded and started to slice the waffles for Megumi. "Just want the kids to enjoy their youth." Glancing up at him, you observed the sunken expression on his features. Did you say something wrong?

Megumi was in his room playing with his divine dogs and you went out the room to refill his water bottle to see Gojo doing the dishes in the kitchen. "Didn't expect you to lift a finger for housework." Gojo scoffed, placing the plates of the dish rack. Pursing your lips, you wondered if it was the right time to speak but he beat you to it. "You must be wondering why I said those words," he wiped his damp hands on the hand towel. "I'm sorry if I offended you," You apologized and glanced at him for a moment.

Gojo shook his head, assuring you that he was alright because it was what reality was. "I have to admit that I am bad at expressing my feelings because of my status." He started off and leaned against the kitchen counter, crossing his arms. Instead of speaking, you listened intently and pressed the water dispenser to fill up Megumi's bottle. Feelings were a way to inflict weakness and distraction to Gojo. "I'm glad that I have friends who could see through me without having me to speak," referring to his high school buddies, especially Geto.

"To put words bluntly, Geto and I have been through shit when we were in high school." All sorcerers did but for them, it was a different case. He let you in on the failed mission back in his second year of high school, causing the death of the Star Plasma Vessel and how it was impacted the current Jujutsu society. "So it was you and Geto?" Your eyes widened, having heard the rumours and stories when you were younger. Gojo hummed and ran his fingers through his snowy hair, "Wanna know why a mere high schooler like me took in the kids?" He glanced at you. "I killed Megumi's dad." Your grip on the bottle tightened upon hearing that statement. "Zenin- No, Fushiguro Toji brought up about Megumi before I laid the final blow." So that's why Gojo was their guardian.

"Wait, Megumi is a Zenin clan descendent?"

"Mhm, the shittiest clan ever."

The more he shared about that incident, the further his featured turned dull. It must be tiring and traumatizing for him, Geto and the Jujutsu youths at that time. "That's why I became a teacher to change this fucked up world for the generations to come." Reaching for his hand, you gave him an assuring squeeze as both your eyes met. "You are very brave, Gojo. I'm sure the youths to come will appreciate your efforts." You smiled sweetly. "Yeah, hopefully that brat appreciates me." Gojo joked as you laughed lightly. "Sure, he does." Gojo's back straightened when he heard that statement. "Megumi tells me how you took in Tsumiki and him and cared for them without obligations. He told me everything you've done for them."

There was a visible wash of relief seen on Gojo, his spirits were lifted and sighed. "Why are you so good to me after what happened?" He questioned in a whisper. "I don't know. Enlightenment maybe." You shrugged, referring to your surge in cursed energy. "I don't hold grudges, Gojo. Life is too short." Gojo's hold on your hand tightened and smiled weakly. "Also, who said you can't express your feelings? What was all that then though?" You smacked his chest softly, causing him to pout and rub the spot. "You're doing great, Gojo." You smiled sweetly, turning back for Megumi's room.

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