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"Papa's little princess. Yes, you are!" Gojo bounced Sayuri on his lap while tickling her belly. Your baby girl squealed and clapped her hands in delight, babbling away while batting her lashes, causing Gojo to feel the cuteness aggression. He attacked her with kisses, blowing raspberries against her chubby cheek before teasing her by nibbling her nimble fingers. Sayuri giggled while playing with her papa, head crashing to his chest as a form of affection. "My baby girl's the cuteness. Papa will do anything for you, princess." Gojo cradled her closer to his warmth, lips brushing against her forehead. "When it's time for daycare, papa will have to think of ways to fend off those stinky boys away from you," He pouted at the thought of his little Sayuri playing with boys.

"Don't listen to your papa, princess. He's just being silly as usual." You chuckled, standing before them and running through Gojo's undercut to his nape. "I'm not being silly..." Your husband jutted his lower lip while feeling Sayuri holding onto his finger. This reminded you of that time Tsumiki went on a date when she was in elementary school which caused Gojo to walk up and down the penthouse in annoyance. Well, we all know how that date went. Sayuri made grabby arms at you, wanting to be carried as you cradled her carefully in your embrace before taking a seat next to Gojo. The next thing you saw was her parted lips and you lifted your shirt up for her to feed.

Gojo's lips tilted boyishly, scooting closer to wrap an arm around your waist and watched Sayuri. "Be gentle, baby girl. Don't want to hurt mama, right?" Gojo stroked Sayuri's cheek with his knuckles. You leaned in to peck his lips gratefully, "You're so sweet, my love." Gojo cocked a brow and inched closer to your face, "Who else am I supposed to be this sweet towards?" Although the both of you have been together for years, your husband still knew his ways to make your stomach flip. He was that charming.

"Mama..." You looked over to see Seichiro who was awake from his nap. He waddled to the couch while holding his teddy with Wata following behind him. He blinked at Gojo before pointing at you, "Boobie." This caused your husband to laugh hysterically with tears forming in his eyes before carrying Seichiro to his lap and waving Wata to hop onto the couch beside him. "Yuri, hi~" He waved at Sayuri while beaming cutely. "Is mochi jealous?" Gojo wondered as Seichiro shook his head. "Seichi is a big boy!" Your toddler responded. A sigh escaped your husband's lips while tidying Seichiro's messy hair from his nap, eyes softening to observe his first-born.

Reaching for him, you stroked his cheek to which he closed the gap between the both of you with a soft kiss. Moments like this made you feel so loved by Gojo which he could say the same to you. "Papa, boobie!" Seichiro smacked his small hands against Gojo's chiseled chest. "I guess my workouts paid off. Our son noticed them." Gojo raised a brow playfully at you. "Congrats, love. He's about to munch on them." "What? Ow!" Your husband looked down to see Seichiro chomping on his left pec, causing you to giggle at the sight before positioning Sayuri upright to burp her.

"Ow, ow, ow! I-Is this how you feel when feeding our babies?" Gojo winched when he saw the little teeth marks courtesy of Seichiro who was giggling away innocently. "Maybe." You shrugged and glanced at your pouty husband who was cleaning up the drool of your toddler's chin. "But thanks to my handsome husband, it's not that bad. He's always there to remind our babies to be gentle." You kissed his flushed cheek from the unexpected compliment. Just like a cartoon, it was as if Gojo's lips formed into a squiggle from feeling smitten. The sight made you giggle watching how flustered your husband was. Well, he was only this whipped for you.

The door clicked open to reveal Megumi alongside his divine dogs. "Gojo sensei, we're here too!" "Hi, Mrs Gojo!" Yuji and Nobara barged into the penthouse as Megumi rolled his eyes. "Hey, guys! Help yourselves to drinks and snacks at the kitchen if you'd like." You offered as they nodded in joy at the offer. Wata's tail wagged vigorously in joy and leapt off the couch to play with them before tackling Megumi. "Gumi, Gumi!" Seichiro called for him. "Hey, Seichiro." He ruffled the toddler's snowy hair. "Sayuri's asleep?" "Yeah, your mama just fed her." Gojo watched Megumi's lips form a small smile and poked Sayuri's cheek softly. "She looks like an angel~" "She's so squishy!" Yuji and Nobara fawned over the little princess sleeping soundly in your arms.

"Hi, baby." You kissed his cheek when he sat next to you. "Mom..." He sighed, narrowing his eyes at his friends who were snickering away. You observed the pout on his lips with red cheeks. These were times you had to remind yourself that Megumi was a teenager and some things might make him feel embarrassed. You knew this well as you were once in his position. "I'm sorry, Megumi." You apologized as his eyes widened. "Oh? Little Gumi's rejecting his mama's kisses? I remember when Gumi was a young boy, he would find his mama the first thing in the morning for cuddles and kisses." Gojo made things worse, narrowing his ocean eyes at the teen. "That's cute." "Yeah, didn't know Fushiguro was stuck to Mrs Gojo's hip when he was a kid!" Megumi rolled his eyes, the grumpy expression on his face made you smack Gojo's thigh to shut him up.

"Whatever. I'm here to collect my package." "Oh, it's in your room." "Okay. Thanks, dad." The world stilled for a moment along with silence and Megumi found it weird while making his way up the stairs to looked down to see everyone staring at him. "Why's everyone staring at me?" His voice filled with confusion. "You just called Gojo sensei 'Dad'." Nobara smirked when Megumi looked flustered. "What? No, I didn't!" "Do you see me as a father figure, Gumi?" Gojo questioned playfully which pushed Megumi's button further. "No. If anything, I see you as a bother figure cause you're always bothering me." He rolled his eyes. "Hey! Show your father some respect!" Yuji chimed in as Nobara snickered. "I didn't call him 'Dad'!" Megumi yelled in frustration, he just wanted to take his package and leave. "Relax, Megumi. I take it as a compliment considering the many years I took care of you and Tsumiki." Gojo batted his lashes, causing a vein to pop from Megumi's temple. Without another word, Megumi stormed up the stairs as Gojo giggled away.

"Let's go, guys." Megumi was seen holding a black package. "Gumi, play?" Seichiro pouted when he realized his brother and friends were leaving earlier than he liked. Megumi kneeled down and ruffled Seichiro's hair, "I'll be back tomorrow with Tsumiki, Seichiro. We can play as much as you want." "With Miki and Yuri?" Seichiro gave his puppy eyes. "Yes, with them." Megumi nodded with a small smile. He was so soft for his younger siblings. "Okie. Gumi, bye bye." Seichiro waved, taking a step forward to smooch Megumi's nose cutely.

Bidding goodbye, Megumi told Yuji and Nobara that he'd catch up with them and made sure that they left before turning to you who was at the door. "Sorry for my attitude, mom." He apologized, giving you a quick glance. "You did nothing wrong, Megumi. Your feelings are valid, hm?" You assured him as he sighed before continuing. "I... I still like your hugs and kisses. It comforts me." Megumi confessed shyly as your heart melted. You knew such words were hard for a teenager to let slip off their mouth.

Cupping his face, you pecked his forehead and smiled against his skin. "I'm glad to hear that, Megumi. You'll always be my baby no matter how old you are." You ruffled his hair as he beamed softly. "And can we just forget what happened with Gojo sensei? It's so... Dumb." Megumi wanted to hit himself for that embarrassing moment. "Mhm. Just hope that he doesn't bring it up in school." Oh, that was another thing Megumi had to worry about. "I should get going, mom. They're waiting for me at the lobby." Megumi looked at the notification on his phone. "Run along, baby. I love you!" You pinched his cheek gently. "Love you, mom. Bye." Megumi waved and made his way to the lift.

"I love you too, son!"
"Shut up!"

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