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Wata's tail wagged vigorously while staring at Seichiro who was having a nice afternoon nap after a warm bath. The Samoyed looked so adorable with his tongue sticking out as if he was constantly smiling. He had been watching over Seichiro the moment they were both introduced to each other. At times, he could curl up next to the crib to accompany little Seichiro to sleep. Ruffling his soft fur, you leaned forward and kissed the top of Wata's head, feeling him nudge his snout against your cheek. "Look at mama's babies getting along so well together." You cooed. As always, you summoned the Eye of Judegment to stand guard by the crib to protect your babies from any harm. After all, you knew what you were getting yourself into after getting together with Gojo. Recently, he came home looking sullen and when you asked him, all he did was sigh and pout. "A new boy joined Jujutsu High." "Hm? Isn't that normal?" "Honey, he ate Ryomen Sukuna's finger." Your eyes widened upon hearing that notorious name, "So, he's..." "He's the vessel for the King of Curses."

Walking through the aisle field with flowers, the gentle breeze made you pull the hoodie over Seichiro's head, tidying his snowy hair and melted when his blue eyes met yours. So much for carrying him for nine months only to look exactly the same as Gojo. Looking closely, your heart swelled when you saw purple flakes on Seichiro's eyes too thanks to your background. Making your way to through the corridor, you heard noises from inside which make you sigh and tilt your lips.  "Fushiguro was obviously pouting because he couldn't join the mission!" "Boohoo~ What a kid!" "Megumi?" Said young man turned to look and see that it was you along with Seichiro. The boy in pink hair while the girl in orange-brown hair shared a look, wondering who you were. "Heard from Satoru that you got injured a week ago. Are you feeling better, honey?" You asked. Megumi sighed and grumbled under his breath, wondering why Gojo informed you about it when he specifically told him not it. The last thing he wanted was for you to get worried. "I'm fine, mom. Gojo sensei and that big mouth of his-" "Mom?!" The new voices gasped in unison.

Megumi glanced away for a moment before flickering his green orbs to his friends and then to you. "Guys, this is my mom and little brother, Seichiro. Mom, this is Itadori Yuji and Kugisaki Nobara." Megumi introduced. "Fushiguro's mom is young and hot- Ouch!" Yuji failed to whisper discreetly and yelped upon feeling the stinging sensation on the back of his head, looking up to see Megumi, a vein popping on his neck. "She's my adoptive mother who raised my sister and I." "You have a sister?! What more do we not know about you, Fushiguro?" Nobara gasped. You watched the teenagers bicker and sensed the strong evil presence within Yuji but was surprised that the young man was able to suppress him. You can tell the trio were a strong group and potential sorcerers, causing your lips to tilt. Seichiro squirmed against your chest, lips turning into a pout upon hearing the loud voices. You tightened the baby wrap and brushed his cheek to sooth him. "Is Seichiro alright, mom?" Megumi noticed the little commotion, making his way over to you to check on his brother. "Hm, maybe he wants to see his papa too." You suggested. "Gojo sensei is having a meeting with the higher-ups." Oh, your poor husband was dealing with those old hags. "Gojo sensei is lucky to have a woman fall for him," Nobara commented, causing you to giggle. "You are right, Kugisaki." You hummed in agreement at your goofball of a husband. "Just call me Nobara will do!" "And me, Yuji, too!" "You guys are getting a bit too comfortable..." Megumi grumbled under his breath.

"He's so cute!" Nobara squealed at the sight of Seichiro who was now in Megumi's arms. Yuji came over to have a look too after enjoying his chocolate bar, "Oh? He looks like Gojo sensei!" He reached out to touch Seichiro's cheek but his hand was swatted away. "Wash and sanitize your chocolate covered fingers before touching him!" Megumi scowled, pulling Seichiro closer to his chest protectively. "Megumi, honey..." You hinted him to be nice to poor Yuji. "There were chocolate under his nails, mom. It's disgusting." Megumi narrowed his eyes at the pink haired boy who was now back from the basin and squeezing some hand sanitizer on his palm. "Drop him and I'll kill you." Megumi threatened while handed Seichiro over to Yuji which caused Nobara to snicker. This boy was so protective over his brother. It reminded you how was he was always hugging your legs when there were strangers talking to you, as if he wanted to keep you away from potential harm.

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