CH 47

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Warning(s): drugs excreted from plants, manga/anime spoilers, shit fight scenes

Placing the bouquet of flowers on the grave, you took a step back and get yourself comfortable on the grass. It has been years since your sister's passing and you visited where she laid to rest every four months, equivalent to the start of a new season. Every time you came, you gave her updates about your life which you were glad that majority was joyous. With each visit came with brooding clouds and strikes of lightning which reflected your emotions, still sour about the fact that your sister was murdered by a certain someone that you despised a lot. Hence, you tried masking that feeling by sharing happy moments of your life.

Standing on your feet, you brushed the dirt off your clothes and took a last look at the grave. "It's time for me to go, Mayu. I'll see you soon." You smiled weakly. "Run." A whisper was heard, that familiar voice causing your eyes to dilate. "Mayu...? Is that-" A distorted voice was heard from behind as you looked back to see a tall structure of a curse. It had eyes for roots with muscular proportions wearing a pair of black pants as its alienating language made you nauseous. What made it worse was that you could understand it. "So, you're the one who strikes lighting onto the nature that Mother Earth breathes every start of a season." The curse spoke and you frowned while covering your ears to block out its voice. "Who are you?" You demanded to know but all you received was rumbling from the ground beneath. In a strike of lightning, you teleported to somewhere else and started to escape. That voice... It was Mayu's. She was telling you to leave because she knew you were in danger. Even though she was not physically here, she was with you spiritually.

Activating your powers, you started to run. In normal circumstances, you would fight to protect yourself but your situation was different now. You were married and with two children. Amidst your thoughts, roots emerged from the soil beneath which made you leap off the ground. The curse was seen coming for you, sucking the life out of every plant that was in its way. Was it a way for it to retrieve more powers? Thoughts aside, all you wanted was to leave this place as soon as possible. However, the curse decided to launch an attack, sending sharp and bulky roots speeding to your way. Summoning your polearm, you redirected sent slashes of electric fields to cut through the roots. Truth to be told, it has been a while since you used your powers and was trying to get used to it again. Furthermore, the Eye of Judgement was not here as you made it stick by your children's side for their safety.

"Daughter of the Lightning Lord, is this how you treat the Earth given that it's your home?" The cursed asked, throwing spiked wooden balls in your direction. "For a curse, you talk a lot." You spat, frustration brewing within. In another hand, your sword appeared and you charged it up with lightning before throwing it at the curse. However, it was quick to dodge and used the roots as transport to chase you. "Alright, enough talking and let's settle this!" Teleporting to in front of the curse, purple bolts rained on it upon your command and it managed to take a few hits. However, it started to regenerate the missing body parts but slower than usual due to the electric fields in its system. The curse yelled and when you thought it was going to throw a hefty attack on you, flowers were seen blooming and surrounding your sight. It was trying to distract you with the beauty of the flower field but you knew better as purple flames burnt the them down after you summoned a lightning shower.

"I don't know what's your deal but you can't just come up and attack people just because they don't share the same values as you." You seethed, piercing your polearm through the curse's sternum, causing it to choke out blood. "You sound like you belong to a cult dedicated to the Earth," raising a brow and pointing the sword towards its neck. "Since you want to give back to Mother Nature so badly, why not I turn you into fertiliser?" Your eyes glowed purple at the thought and lifted up the sword to cast your final attack. Pang! You felt a sharp object on your abdomen and looked down to see a red bud with a mouth as blood oozed out of your wound. The curse chuckled and pushed you off its body to witness the red bud piercing its roots deeper into your body. The joyous moment was short lived when it realized that you were not showing any signs of weakness. The red bud was supposed to absorb cursed energy and convert it to grow its roots deeper into a human's body.

"How futile." The curse watched the red bud screaming in agony when it was being electrocuted to death, it withered and fell off your body before getting crushed beneath your foot. "It can't be!" The curse yelled in denial, the first time seeing its innate technique failing. "I'm no cursed user," with each step you took, electric fields were seen embedding the soil and converting into purple flames. "I'm one of the Devine." The surge of power flowed through your veins, making you attack the curse mercilessly. This time, you were the predatory hunting its prey. "You despicable human!" The curse screeched, throwing off the cloth wrapped around a shoulder to reveal a rose as it opened up its petals to show an eye. It generated a beam of light and skyrocket towards your way.

Teleporting to the back of the curse, your powers were embedded to both your weapons. Each movement causing blades of electricity to slide through anything that came towards your way. Upon seeing this, the curse jumped on top of a tall tree to have an aerial view. "Come out to play," You looked up and pointed your sword at it. "Hanami." "How do you know my name?" Hanami was taken aback as you sighed. "I do know Jujutsu curses here and there," You took a few steps towards the tree. "Because my husband is the honoured one." You sent purple blades that managed to not only slice the tree's thick trunk in half easily but also a hill that was many kilometres away. This caused the water surrounding it to be affected by the high concentrations of electricity and now turned purple. Anyone who stepped into it would have their life drained away in a matter of seconds.

Just when you thought victory was near, a vine stealthily wrapped around an ankle, hoistening you up in the air. You lifted an arm to slice it in order to escape but all you felt was an overwhelming feeling of lethargy, body going sore and weak until you could not hold onto the weapons. Your vision blurred and the last thing you heard was Hanami chuckling away. "Enjoy the haunting secretions that the Earth has to offer, human." You were drugged by the vines Hanami created and soon enough, your world turned black.

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