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Pressing a kiss on her forehead, you tidied Tsumiki's hair and watched her sleeping figure. You have stayed in her room to make sure she was feeling alright and was glad that she shared her thoughts with you. "Kinda felt left out back there." "Forget about that meanie, sweetie. Just remember that you'll never be left out in this household." Tsumiki's eyes brightened and she felt better after hearing your words, knowing that she could trust you. She gave you a tight hug to express her gratitude, "I love you, y/n! You're the best!" At the very moment, your heart warmed up. "I love you too, my sweetest Tsumiki."

Twisting the door knob, you peeked into Megumi's room to check if he has fallen asleep. A gut instinct was telling you to step into the room and you decided to proceed with it. His eyes were tightly shut which indicated that he hasn't fallen asleep. "Baby?" You called from behind him and stroked his arm. Megumi widened his eyes and turned to face you, "Can't sleep?" You settled him on top of your body. Megumi nodded with a little frown on his grumpy face.

"Tsumiki was feeling the same just now and she told me how she was feeling." Megumi fixated his gaze on you. "She felt better afterwards and fell asleep." The boy looked perplexed but a part of him was bugging to sleep. "I don't like that weirdo and how he treated Tsumiki." Megumi huffed in annoyance when he thunked back. "I don't want to go back to whatever Zenin clan." He added in a mumble. "Gojo and I will never let you and Tsumiki go, Megumi." Stroking his head to lull him to sleep, he rubbed his droopy eyes indicating that he was slowly drifting off.

"I love you, baby."
"Love you, mama."

Closing the door behind you, a hand was pressed against the wall that you were facing and you turned to see that it was Gojo towering over you with that boyish smile of his. "Yes, Gojo?" You raised a brow as the man before you whined. "What happened to 'Satoru'?" He let out his puppy eyes and you flicked his nose. "Goodnight, Gojo." You poked your tongue out playfully and headed to your room when you were held back in his strong arms. "Where do you think you're going, honey?" His breath tickled your skin. "To sleep, dummy." "And leave me alone in a cold room without warmth? Oh, my!" This man was so dramatic. "Are you suggesting we should sleep together?" Regret filled your body when Gojo carried you over his shoulder and ran to his room.

Throwing you on his bed, Gojo hovered above you and giggled before crashing his body on top of yours. His long limbs wrapped around you and nuzzled against the crook of your neck. He was so touchy. Hands travelling from your thighs to your waist while pining you with his weight. You voiced out that he was going to suffocate you but all Gojo did was rub his cheek against yours. "It's hot, Gojo..." Your body felt a little sticky after a while. "Me too! Let's strip!" Gojo yanked off his top to reveal his chiseled body. You gawked at the sight, all those clothing he has worn were hiding all of those muscles beneath.

"Your turn!" He waited stupidly but all he received was a thwack on the face. "Y-You're so dumb! Turn the air conditioner or something!" Leaping off the bed, you scurried to grab the remote and seized the moment to hide the fact that you were furiously blushing. You went on the babble what was going on inside his head and why was he so weird. You wondered how the kids were able to handle his ass especially Megumi who looked so done with Gojo.

"Seriously, what is your thought process? You need sugar to stimulate your head to generate some brain cells? Like I know I'm losing my brain cells whenever I'm with y-" A yelp escaped your lips when Gojo shut you him with a kiss. Soon, you found yourself taking back steps to the bed and fell onto the mattress when the back of your knees touched it. "Gojo..." You pulled back with swollen lips. "Still 'Gojo', huh?" He dived into your neck to place soft pecks there. "S-Satoru." You stammered with a pounding heart, head giddy from all the kissing. He lifted his head with a toothy grin, "Yay! I leveled up from 'Gojo' to 'Satoru'! What's next?" He looked so adorable in the moment with a thumbs up to show his contentment. This was probably your first time seeing him this relaxed around you.

Your hands were lifted to cup his face, watching him with half lidded eyes, "What? You gonna kiss me?" He teased and puckered his lips annoyingly. Pushing his face lightly, you smooched his cheek instead before pinching it between your fingers. "That works too. Ugh, I'm tired! Time for my beauty sleep~" He sang and settled himself to lay on your chest. "Satoru, at least cover yourself of the blanket. You'll catch a cold at this rate." All the man did was whine and muffle his complaints against your skin, making you sigh and roll your eyes at his childish (adorable) behaviour.

He lifted his head and positioned his chin on the valley of your breasts, "I'm the strongest! I don't get sick easily." That's not how it works, idiot! "Besides, I have my personal heater here. I now understand why that squirt's always having to rest his hand on them." His gaze flickered to your breasts then your eyes with a cocked brow. "Gojo Satoru!" Blood rushed to your face along with a spike in body temperature. You scolded him to not make things weird but he did was hit his lower lip, "I'm a boob man." "Who asked, Gojo? Who?!" There was a moment of silence in the room before it was interrupted by loud laughters from you and Gojo.

"You're so silly!"
"Silly for you, baby."

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