CH 40 [M]

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"You're so cute, honey." Gojo smirked, pressing a large hand against the small of your back to push you down and making you lay on your stomach. Your breaths got shorter and quicker as Gojo pounded you from the back, his chest pressing against your back to line his lips against your ear. "Wanna make me a daddy again?" He chuckled when all you did was nod wordlessly, obviously fucked out thanks to your husband. "Yeah? Gonna fill you up to the brim, baby." Gojo made a harsh thrust which caused you to gasp out in surprise and pleasure. "S-Satoru... Too much..." You tried prying your hips away from his. That made his eyes darken, "Where do you think you're going, honey?" His voice dropped a few octaves lower as your stomach churned.

You squeaked when he dragged you back by the hips, trapping you beneath his weight and locked your wrists above your head with a hand of his. "I'm not done with you yet, baby. Don't you dare run away." Gojo growled, teeth nipping your shoulder as your back arched when his cock hit your sweet spot. "Toru... Toru!" You moaned, tears welling from the immense pleasure as Gojo chuckled. "Yeah, keep chanting my name and maybe I'll let you cum." Gojo snapped his hips relentlessly with a pace that was going to make you dumb. His felt your walls tighten, a sign that you were about to orgasm and changed his thrusts to a slower pace but with deep strokes. "Satoru... Please l-let me cum." You looked back at him, lower lip jutting out.

This sight ignited a feral side of Gojo, he wanted to fuck you through the night just to see this expression of yours. "Aww... Are you going to be a good girl and let me have your way with you?" Gojo feigned pity with a pout of his own. "Yes, yes! Please let me cum!" You begged pathetically. "What a good little wife. Here, have your reward." Gojo slammed his cock harshly, his tip hitting your cervix as your mouth widened at the pleasure. "Wanna cum together, baby?" He asked. "Yes!" You nodded, tears rolling down your cheeks. His thick cock piston in your dripping pussy as Gojo's breath quickened, "Fuck!" He cursed, pressing his cock into your tiny hole and you felt the familiar throbbing, indicating the spurts of thick, warm cum flooding in you and painting your walls white. After calming down from his high, Gojo pulled out of you slowly before gently flipping you over to face him. Sweat glistened his muscular body as he flickered his gaze at you who was taking deep breaths with red cheeks and teary eyes.

Gojo leaned in to capture your lips, tongue swiping against your lower lip and sucking on it gently before pulling away with a smack. His hand reached for your face, wiping the stray tears staining your cheeks and pried your legs apart for him to come between them. "You're so mean tonight, Satoru..." You hiccuped, an action that fluttered Gojo's heart. "I'm sorry, honey. You looked so irresistible today and when I got the notification from the period tracker that you're ovulating, I couldn't help myself." He apologized, blue eyes flickering to your abused pussy. Two of his long, slender fingers ran through your slit from bottom to top to collect the cum that leaked out. You gasped when you felt his fingers pushing back the cum. "You can't just... A-Ah! Come home and start t-tearing my clothes off without warning." You moaned when Gojo started fingering you. "I'm sorry, honey." He pouted and fastened his pace when he felt that spongy spot. "Satoru... Wait, I-" You failed to finish your sentence when you came on his fingers, legs shuddering and whined when he suckled on a nipple.

You hugged him to recover from your high, his fingers pulling out of your pussy with a small squelch and nuzzling his cheek against your supple breasts. You felt so full thanks to your husband's high sex drive and stamina that the both of you went for a few rounds tonight. One wrong move could make you leak out Gojo's hard work and he might have to fill you up again to make up for the loss. "You did so well for me, honey. You always have been." Gojo tilted his head to peck your lips sweetly, flashing that handsome smile of his that never failed to make your stomach flip. "Thanks for taking care of me tonight, my love." You hummed, stroking his snowy hair and brushing some strands that were sticking onto his forehead. "I love you, wifey~" Gojo sang, snuggling against the valley of your breasts, littering soft kisses on the hickeys he had left there. "I love you too, sweet Satoru-" You were cut off by a wail.

Both of you looked at each other at the same time, Gojo lifting his body off you and quickly cleaning himself up in the bathroom before attending to Seichiro. "Honey, I'll go attend to our mochi~ Will you be alright cleaning yourself up?" He was seen in a pair of grey sweatpants when he got out of the bathroom. "Yes, love. Don't worry about me, hm?" You nodded as Gojo sighed and leaned against the wall with a lovestruck (and smug) look. "Damn, I'm freaking good at ravishing you in bed-" "Satoru, the baby!" "Oh, right! You look so hot by the way!" Gojo teleported to Seichiro's room to attend to him. What a dork and horny little shit of a husband you have gotten. By the way, you were not alright. There was never once your body condition was in top condition after having sex with your beloved husband, Gojo Satoru. This man was a menace in bed who had the intention to fuck you to oblivion no matter how many times the both of you had sex.

"No sex for a while. My hips need time to recover."
"Aw man..."

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