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This must be a joke. You couldn't believe she was in your home. "Satoru, the interior design is wonderful!" Miko twirled her way into the living room. Of course, it was. The man paid the best interior designer in all of Japan to refurbish the penthouse. Sighing, you continued reading your book and tried cancelling out her annoying voice. Connect with your chakra. Breathe. You'll be fine- "Oh? Y/n!" Miko spotted you as a vein popped on your temple. "Hello, Miss Miko." You greeted her and placed the book aside.

She went out to say how lucky you were to stay in such a nice penthouse but you started to tune out her yapping. Your eyes fixated on Gojo and shot him a glare, causing the sorcerer to sigh and intervene the scene. Seriously, what was she doing here? "Ah, Miko. Didn't you want to see the kitchen?" "Yes, I do!" She leapt off the couch and followed Gojo while linking arms with him. Bold of Gojo Satoru to invite his ex back when he's a married man. Sighing, you tried ignoring the anger bubbling within.

Glass shattering was heard and you made your way to the kitchen. "I'm sorry for breaking your glass mug, y/n." Miko pouted as you looked at your mug then at her. "Y/n wouldn't mind it, right?" Gojo turned to face you. Alright, this was starting to get out of hand. You smiled and took a step forward before parting your lips to speak. Miko's presence just made you feel nauseous and temperature rise. "Clean it up." You locked your blank eyes with Miko. "W-What?" Miko begged her pardon as you rolled your eyes. "I said," Taking another step forward, causing the glass shards to pierce through your foot. "Clean your mess up." You enunciated every word before leaving the kitchen while leaving blood traces behind.

Back in your room, you were tending to the cuts on the sole of your foot. There was no way you were going to let anyone step over you. Gojo Satoru was enough to handle. That man was insufferable. There was a knock on your door as you gave permission to enter to see Tsumiki and Megumi. "Gojo brought his ex-girlfriend back." Tsumiki started off, looking uncomfortable as you ushered them over to the bed. "I know, darling." You hummed, tidying her brown locks. "He's an idiot." Megumi commented. You snickered watching the boy's face crumpled in repulse.

Megumi left your room to get his homework as he decided to complete it when keeping you company. It was when he heard Miko giggling to Gojo's lame jokes. "Gumi!" Damn it. Megumi ignored Miko and made a beeline for his room but was stopped by her. "It's been a long time since we met. You're so adorable!" Miko pinched his cheeks. Megumi swatted her hands away and glared at the nuisance before him but was dragged into the living room by her. "You guys catch up. I'm going to my room to grab something." Gojo left for his room at the second floor.

"Y/n, why is Gumi taking so long?" Yeah, why? Closing the door behind, you left to look for him only to hear Miko's voice sounding from the living room. "How is y/n? Is she good to you?" Miko asked. "None of your business." Megumi muttered under his breath. Patience was running thin as Miko didn't want to continue with her nice demeanour. "Watch that mouth of yours, brat." She threatened. "Or else what? You're going to hit me?" Megumi scoffed and rolled his eyes.

A sharp twist was felt on Megumi's arm as the boy shot a look at Miko who just pinched him. "Listen, Megumi. I don't have much patience and the reason why I'm here is to prove to Satoru that I'm the right woman to be his wife. Who is that y/n anyway? She's a nobody and you better behave yourself." She harshly cupped Megumi's cheeks between her thumb and pointer finger. "You'll never be her! She's the best!" Megumi yelled in pain and anger as the divine dogs were summoned and now growling. "Daring of you to use your dogs against me. I'll teach you a lesson!"

"Megumi!" You gasped, feeling a rush of adrenaline zapping through your body. The boy was ready to fight Miko with his undeveloped cursed energy when he felt himself getting carried away in safe arms. "Are you alright, Meg-" You didn't have to complete your question as you saw a bruise on his arm and red marks on his cheeks. "I'm fine..." "No, you're not." You frowned, heart breaking at the sight. Turning back, you stood up to face Miko as she put on a nonchalant expression which pissed you off more. "Bold of you, Miko. Pulling such a stunt in my home." "Please, I was just disciplining that brat. See it as a favour." Miko smirked.

"What's going on?" Gojo came down the steps which made your blood boil further. Picking Megumi up, you stormed your way to Gojo. "Megumi, what happened?" Gojo's eyes widened at the injuries. The boy who always had a stoic front and deadpan look had a change in expression for once. His eyes started to water and turned away from Gojo. "Shh, baby..." You shushed him, wiping his tears away and kissing his forehead as he hid his face in the crook of your neck. Although you're not a mother yet, you were sure that your motherly instincts emitted since the siblings moved in. Tsumiki arrived at the scene looking afraid and worried seeing her brother cry while you cradled him to your warmth. "Don't worry, Megumi." You whispered into his ear. "I'll take care of her." Purple glowed within your orbs. "Tsumiki, sweetie. Take Megumi to his room." You let the boy down as the older girl nodded, holding her brother's hand and up the stairs as the divine dogs followed behind.

"Wait, y/n-" Gojo tried speaking but was ignored as you stormed off to the scene of the crime. Miko's eyes widened seeing Gojo enter the living room, instantly putting on an innocent demeanour. "Satoru! Is Megumi alright-" Wham! Silence filled the atmosphere with a gust of wind followed by objects crushing and shattering. A sword was lunged between Gojo and Miko as the female slowly turned her head to see you. There was this overflowing power you were exuding and it was haunting and dangerous. "Kitsunes are always playing victim, huh?" Miko's eyes widened when she realized that you found out her cursed technique was part of the nine-tailed fox spirit.

"Miko, run." Gojo shielded her and charged up Red to buy her some time. However, that plan failed when you transported in a bolt of lightning and yanked her to an open space away from the penthouse. Throwing her to the ground, you grasped her face between your hand. "You like to grab people's face so much, huh?" Referring what she did to Megumi. "Don't try me, y/n! You're not up to my match!" Miko taunted. Sharp claws dug your calves which gave her an opportunity to escape as she transformed into her true kitsune form.

Fleeing for her life, Miko ran into the forest to avoid getting caught up. However, she underestimated you when continuous flashes of lightning filled the dark sky as if your own flashlight. Seeing her from an aerial view, you spotted Miko and threw your polearm at her. A bloody cry was heard and you appeared in front of her before blasting a bolt of electric fields towards her direction. Smoke filled the vicinity as you retrieved your polearm and found her laying breathless on the ground.

"What are you?!" Miko yelled. "Seeing how pathetic you look right now amuses me." You laughed and pointed your sword just below her chin. "Y/n, stop!" Gojo demanded but you fell on deaf ears. "I don't heed commands, Gojo Satoru." Turning back to shoot him an angered look. "Satoru, please save me!" Miko cried while faking her tears. Gojo teleported and bond you with him while shouting for Miko to escape. "Let go!" You screamed as his grip onto you tightened. "You're going to kill Miko at this rate, y/n!" "I'm just playing with her like how she did to Megumi." You smirked. "Did you know that she hurt Megumi? What were you thinking when you brought her back?!" You spat angrily.

"Don't 'what' me, Gojo! You're the reason why Megumi is injured!"
"Y/n, we can talk about this at home."
"Why don't you check on your Miko if she's dead or alive?"

After dropping that sentence, a blood curling cry sounded through the forest. Gojo looked at you in shock but all you did was smirk and hung your head to the left, purple orbs dilating as if a surveillance camera. "I sent my Eye of Judgement to chase after your little kitsune." The plan was revealed as you knew that Gojo would come and save Miko while she was getting attacked by you. Gojo couldn't believe that you read his movements even from miles away. It was crazy because he was known for his unpredictability which benefited him during combats.

The Eye of Judgement revealed before you as the pupil widened to let two tails fall out. "Two tails for two injuries." The way you spoke was as if slicing off two of Miko's tails were nothing. Gojo was at a loss of words. He watched you wag the tails in front of him and dropping it to the ground. "Your souvenirs." You laughed with no regrets in your eyes and turned your body away. "Oh, right." You paused in your tracks and swung your arm.

You left without another word but a stinging sensation on Gojo's cheek.

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