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You teleported home and held onto the nearest object for support. Your vision started to blur and your heart pounded against your ribcage. Whatever happened just now was like a fever dream. You were aware of what you did but at the same time, having no control of your actions. Holding up your palms, you saw electric fields zapping through your skin. You dragged your feet to the bathroom to freshen up only to see the Eye of Judgement hovering above the crown of your head. "Disperse." You commanded as it faded into purple glitter particles. Was the Naoya incident some sort of awakening that unlocked your true potential? A sigh escaped your lips as stripped your clothes and soaked in the lavender-scented bathtub.

A stinging sensation was felt on your nape from the mark. Well, you have accepted that it was a tattoo at this point due to the many attempts you failed to get rid of it. Changing into a new set of clothes, you got out of the steamy bathroom and to the bed to call it a day when irritation washed over. Clink! Your sword appeared and pointed itself at Gojo. "Miko didn't deserve that, y/n." "Then did Megumi deserve what happened?" Scoffing at how unbelievable he was and dismissed the sword. "You do know that kitsune's take years to regenerate their tails, right? Miko is going to have more difficulty when she wants to defend herself!" Gojo spat as you laughed with a glint in your eyes. "She'll survive, Gojo. She's lucky that it's not her jugular vein."

In a split second, you felt yourself getting pushed to your bed and watched Gojo hover above while pinning your wrists. "What are you doing?" Your breath hitched seeing Gojo so close to you. "My six eyes tell me there's nothing wrong with you but why are you behaving this way?" He frowned and stared into your orbs. The position the both of you were in was making you feel sick as it reminded you of what happened a few days ago. "You're trying to see what's wrong with me? What's wrong with you! Bringing back your ex when you're married and while the kids and I are at home?! What were you thinking?!" You screamed. Struggling to get out of this position, your legs kicked the air to land a hit but it was no use.

"Let go of me." You hated how your voice shuddered and you were unable to control your quivering lips. The grip on your wrists loosened as Gojo watched your strong front shatter before him. When you felt his fingers slowly slipping off your wrists, you took the opportunity to push him away harshly and leaned against the headrest of your bed. Now, you looked like a stray dog in fear. "Y/n, I didn't mean to-" "What do you actually want from me, Gojo...?" Tears of frustration, sadness and fear started to roll down your cheeks as Gojo stood there with his Adam's apple bobbing.

"I got married to you and got treated like trash. Tried being the perfect housewife like what the elders instructed. Mayu got murdered. Naoya tried to violate me. I'm in a process of what seems like an intense and frightful awaken thanks to the trauma and stress. You brought two kids home without prior information. Today, you brought home your ex and she hurt Megumi. What else do you want, Gojo?"

You despised how you were now sobbing. The tears you were shedding were months worth of tolerance and stress. "Y/n, please don't cry." Gojo sat on the edge of your bed next to you. He didn't know how to handle such emotions. "Oh, now you want to tell me how to feel?" Wiping your tears away, you let out a sigh and hung your head. "You know what? I'm tired." Getting off the bed, you took off the wedding ring that once wrapped around your ring finger. "I know the only time you wore this was on the day we got married." Referring to his wedding ring. "Our marriage is just a publicly stunt and I honestly don't know why we got married."

Standing before him, you presented the wedding ring. Gojo has been awfully quiet during this whole time which ticked you off further. "Say something, would you? I thought you liked to talk back to me." You sighed and raised a brow. Gojo's blue orbs looked at you then the ring as he took in a breath as if he pump himself up. "I'm..." He paused, making your heart race. "I'm sorry." Did the Gojo Satoru just apologize? Were you hearing things? "Sure, you are. That's all you've got to say?" Tears brimmed your waterline once again. "Are you mocking me now? Trying to manipulate me into trusting that you meant your apology and then repeating what you've done?" You spat as tears rolled down your cheeks.

"Let's file for a divorce."

With that, Gojo watched as silver flakes ran down the palm of your hand. The wedding ring was now nothing but crushed into fine dust.

A/N: I hate this chapter lol. It sucked. My brain is not braining (?) Maybe it's a sign to sleep...

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