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Gojo could not help but smile widely, pearly whites for all to see as his eyes turned into crescents. In his arms, he was carrying his precious baby girl who was a few days old. Gojo was on a mission when he received a call from Tsumiki, panicking through the speaker while informing him that your water broke earlier than what the gynae predicted. Without a second thought, Gojo wiped out the special grade curse using Hollow Purple before teleporting home to be there for you during the labour. A few agonizing hours later, your daughter, Gojo Sayuri, was born.

Your baby girl was perfect. Well, let's just say that your genes let you down again as your daughter was the exact carbon copy of your husband. She had white hair with matching luscious lashes. All hopes for you to have your children at least have a feature of yours almost washed away until Sayuri widened her eyes for the first time. Gojo and you took in a breath, seeing that little Sayuri had purple orbs just like the ones you had when your powers were in use. Your husband heard you let out a sigh of relief, leaning back against the bed after finding out that one of your children finally had your features.

Seichiro giggled when Gojo carefully placed Sayuri on his lap, allowing his baby boy to see his younger sister. "Hi~" Seichiro waved at Sayuri in a whisper and she cooed in response. "Pretty Yuri, papa!" Seichiro pointed at her as your heart melted. "She is pretty, mochi." Gojo paused and looked over to you. "Just like your mama." Your cheeks heated up when your husband sent you a wink from his side and you gave him a shy smile in response. Over the years, you have noticed that your husband has a slight change in personality. He took things more seriously when Seichiro was born, prioritizing his family over everything else.

There were a few times he skipped work just to spend time with you and Seichiro while helping with house chores. He might or might not have gotten into trouble with Yaga but all your husband did was shrug at him, not understanding what he did wrong. Regarding his protectiveness, the man was not as protective over you as he knew that you could handle things yourself. However, things changed during your first pregnancy. Your husband knew that you had the capability to take care of yourself still but there was something off about it. Geto once caught his best friend having what they call 'if looks could kill' gaze from behind you when you were talking to a stranger for way too long, especially if it was a man. "Satoru, what are you thinking of?" "Not sure why but I kinda want to off that guy." "But he's just talking to y/n?" "Exactly."

The moment Seichiro was born, your husband baby proofed the entire penthouse, dragging Megumi and Tsumiki back just to ask them to double check for area s he might have missed out. There was once Seichiro had a tiny scratch on his nose and the snow haired man freaked out. "Shoko, mochi has a scratch on his nose! What do I do now?!" "Satoru, what the fuck? It's 4 in the damn morning." Imagine how Gojo was going to be around his little princess. There were times you woke up to him talking to your belly, "Listen, princess. Men are trash but not all men like papa, Seichiro and Megumi. No boys until you turn 30, okay?" "Satoru, my love... Please go to sleep." "10 more minutes, honey." He promised, sealing it with a kiss on your lips before stroking your back to lull you to sleep.

Aside from the above, you could safely say that Gojo had physical changes too. Under all that baggy clothes he wore, your dear husband was actually muscular. However, things changed when you realized that he has been eating more (he's already a huge eater by default) to bulk up and hitting the gym almost every day. His reason? Well, it was to have built to brings comfort and safety to his baby boy. As weeks went by, your belly got bigger and so did your husband's clothes getting tighter as his gained more muscles. Every time he wore a black shirt, it was like second skin as it managed to bring out the muscular curves of his body. This caught the attention of some mothers at Seichiro's day care when Gojo picks him up, fawning over him and wondering who was the lucky woman to get marry to him.

"Honey, look. She's so perfect, I feel like I'm going to cry." Gojo jutted his lower lip, finger grazing over Sayuri's cheek. Seichiro tilted his head at his father for a closer look, "No crying, papa! Smile!" Gojo's heart could not be more full when his baby boy's dimples were seen. In a careful motion, Gojo picks Seichiro up in an arm while the other cradled Sayuri and approached you. Sitting on the side of the bed, Gojo gently littered soft kisses on your face, his fingers interlacing with yours. "Thank you so much, honey. You're so amazing." He whispered, pecking your lips after that. "Thank you too, my love." You squeezed his fingers and smiled up to him. "Seichi loves papa, mama and Yuri!" Your adorable baby boy clapped his hands in joy, squealing when Gojo blew raspberries onto his chubby cheek. "Mama and papa loves you too, baby boy." Gojo hums. "You too, my little princess." He nuzzled his nose against Sayuri's, lips tilting when she lets out a coo in response.

This moment. You wouldn't trade this moment for anything else.

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