CH 50 [M]

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It was the late hours of the night. Gojo wondered what was taking you so long to join him in bed and decided to leave the room to find you. Shortly after, he spotted you in the kitchen slicing up strawberries and a banana before laying them atop a cup of yoghurt. From the dimly lit setting, Gojo knew you were wearing nothing underneath the oversized shirt that you were wearing belonging to him paired with shorts. You turned around to grab a spoon only to hold onto your chest in shook at the sight of your husband standing there in silence with eyes on you.

"My love, please say something next time." You huffed, wondering why your usually loud husband was quiet. "Sorry, honey. Was just admiring how domestic you looked." Gojo walked past the kitchen counter to get to you. "Would you like to try some-" Your words were cut off when Gojo pressed his chest against your back and you felt a familiar bulge against your ass. Widening your eyes, you looked back to see his eyes filled with lust and desire. "S-Satoru?" You didn't know why you were stammering at your husband's action. Hell, the both of you had two kids and it was obvious how that came about. Gojo's lips came crashing on yours for a searing kiss filled with passion and you practically melted.

You found yourself being hovered by your husband in bed, watching him peeling off his shirt before attacking your neck with kisses accompanied by harsh suckles, leaving hickeys on your skin. "Fuck, you really know how to turn on me, hm?" "I wasn't... Just wanted to have a midnight snack." You shook your head only to turn your husband on more. One thing about you was that you could stand up for yourself and be firm, even giving out eeriness for certain situations that scared people off. However, when it comes to bed, you were a putty in your husband's hands, submitting to him and even turning shy at times. This made Gojo more riled up.

Lifting up the shirt you wore, Gojo cursed under his breath at the sight of your breasts before sucking on a nipple. You gasped when his free hand travelled down your shorts, tugging the band to your panties and rubbed your clothed pussy with his fingers. He smirked when he felt your wetness seeping through the cloth. "Fuck, baby. You're always so ready for me, huh?" He looked up at you who was in a blushing mess. "If not for who, Toru?" That was it. Gojo undressed you and took off his sweatpants to reveal his semi-hard cock.

Collecting your slick with his pointer and middle finger, Gojo pushed them into your tiny hole and started to finger you. "Feeling good, baby?" He smirked when you wordlessly nodded, watching his fingers disappearing and reappearing from your view. "Mhm!" "Gotta use your words, honey." He teased and felt your walls clenching around his fingers. "F-Feels good, Toru... Ah!" You moaned when he rubbed against your sweet spot that he was able to find easily. He quickened his pace as squelching sounds were heard as you gripped onto his arm, "Wait, Toru! T-Too much!" You begged him to slow down but all he did was kiss you, muffling your moans and using his other hand to cup your face in place to keep you in the kiss while he picked up the pace. "Cum for me, honey." He mouthed against your lips. "Toru, I'm- Oh!" Your body shook when you came, legs shaking while Gojo's fingers were still plugged in your spasming pussy.

Pulling out his fingers soaked in your cum, Gojo watched you heave to catch your breath before sitting up and crawling towards him, only to feel you wrapping your hand around his cock. You started stroking him, pressing his tip against your nipple which made you feel him twitch. Looking at him with teary doe eyes, Gojo licked his lips and shoved his thumb into your mouth, feeling you suck onto it. "You look so cute from here, honey. You like stroking my cock like that?" He tilted his head in question. "Yes, Toru." You nodded and looked at him through your lashes. "Such a good fucking girl. Always saying 'yes' in bed. S-Shit! I'm gonna cum, honey." You quickened the stroking and heard Gojo groan in pleasure. Thick wads of cum splattered against your breasts, marking them in translucent white. Gojo watched you gather some on your fingers and popped them into your mouth to savour his taste.

Wasting no time, Gojo had your legs spread and placed them on his broad shoulders as he came to the middle. Rubbing his cock against your wet pussy, Gojo pushed his tip into your hole and watched your face crinkle at the sensation. Leaning down, he stroked your cheek and pressed his forehead against yours. "You alright, honey?" "Yes, love. Y-You're so big..." No matter how many times the both of you had sex, you would still feel slight pain before pleasure kicks in. Gojo pecked your lips a few times in hopes of soothing your pain while sinking the rest of his cock into your pussy. "Toru..." Your hands came holding onto his biceps with a slight frown. "Shh... You're doing great, honey. You've always taken my cock so well, right?" "Y-Yes." "That's my good girl. Tell me when to move when you're ready, hm?" Gojo peppered soft kisses on your skin to comfort you.

When you gave him the signal to move, Gojo wasted no time and started the thrust slowly before picking up the pace. Your breaths shortened and mewled when he squeezed your breast, before sliding his huge hands to your hips and gripped onto them. Sounds of pleasure filled the dimly lit room as your breasts bounced with every thrust which served as a catalyst to let Gojo meet his incoming orgasm. "Fuck... Love your pretty tits, honey." He complimented, causing heat to wash over your face. "Toru, I-I think I'm cumming!" You mewled, feeling the buildup as Gojo snapped his hips faster. "Yeah? Me too, honey. Want me to cum inside you?" "Yes!" Gojo smirked, knowing that you loved it when he came inside.

"Toru, Toru! I'm- Ah!" You squeezed your eyes, letting tears of pleasure damp your cheeks when you came, body shaking as the aftermath. "Shit!" Gojo cursed, pressing himself against you as thick ropes of cum marked your walls white. After a few moments of stillness, Gojo slowly pulled out and watched his cum dribble out of your tight pussy. His half lidded eyes watched you pull your legs back and tried sitting up, the movements made his spent leak more. "We are not done yet, honey." You squeaked when he flipped you around, your ass to sticking out as he got behind. His cock ran through your pussy to collect your slick and his cum before shoving into you in one go. "Ah! Toru, wait- Oh..." You felt him hitting your sweet spot effortlessly as your husband knew your body best. "You're mine for the night, my cute wifey." He leaned down to your ear and smirked. Oh, he was going to have his way with you. He always does.

Sweat covered his forehead, rolling to his temple as his snowy hair was in a mess. He scanned your body, seeing the purplish hickeys on your breasts and hand print marks on your hips and thighs. Lastly, your little hole that was now slightly red from the constant thrusts of his cock. Your husband has fucked you good and hard till the point where your pussy was covered in white due to his cum and had a frothy texture. Some even staining your inner thighs. Kissing your lips, Gojo smiled in pride and littered soft pecks on your cheeks. "Let's get you cleaned up, hm?" He rubbed your thigh, hand travelling to your ass to squeeze it slightly. "You did so well, honey. My wifey's the best." You were carried bridal style to the bathroom as Gojo took a warm towel to clean your inner thighs and pussy.

"Satoru," You called for him in a hoarse voice due to all the sounds you made. "Yes, honey?" Gojo hummed in response, wringing the towel to clean you up more. "What if..." You trailed off, stopping yourself as you felt unsure if you should say your thoughts. "I'm listening, honey." Gojo flickered his blue orbs at you for a moment. "What if I get pregnant again?" Straightening his back, Gojo cupped your cheek and stroked it with his thumb. "I don't know! We went quite a few rounds tonight and I'm ovulating soon. It's just a thought that I had." You rambled while Gojo listened intently. "Seeing your belly round with our baby again? That'll be sexy. People will know that I fucked you thoroughly to get you pregnant." Gojo wiggled his brows, causing you to slap his bicep lightly.

"Seriously though, pregnant or not, I'll still love you." Gojo assured, watching your shoulders relax in relief. "I can wear condoms from now on if you're worried about getting pregnant again." He offered as your heart skipped a beat. "But you like to do it raw." You blinked, recalling the first time you let him have sex without a condom for once and since then, you have never gone back to a condom. "Screw that, you matter here more because you're the one getting pregnant and I know it can get tough." The father of two says as your heart melted at his thoughtfulness. "Unless, you like it raw too." He teased, making you blush madly. "I do... Feels better, Toru." "What a naughty little wife, you are." Gojo chuckled lowly, kissing your forehead in adoration. "You can try birth control pills if you'd like." He suggested as you hummed, resting your head against his sturdy chest. "I'd like that, my love." "Okie, wifey. Your body, your choice." Gojo rubbed his hand against your bare back.

"I'll pay for them, honey."

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