CH 25

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Upon arriving at the Zenin residency, you and Gojo were led to the main hall where guests were ushered to. Gojo has never once took his hand off yours in this horrible estate. Sitting on the cushions on the floor, you couldn't help to feel antsy. All you thought was Megumi. Where was he and how was he being treated. Gojo noticed your behaviour and squeezed your hand lightly in assurance. A non verbal way of reminding that he was with you. Both of you were in this together.

A traditional wooden slide open and you glanced to your right to see Zenin Naoya. "Ah, the Gojos are here." He took the seat at the opposite, eyes never leaving you. "Looking ravishing as always, Mrs Gojo." Seeing this man couldn't help but make you feel worse and now uncomfortably disgusted from the last encounter with him. "Eyes off my wife, Zenin." Gojo's voice went a few octaves deeper. "Relax, Gojo. Take it as a reminder for you to know that you have such a beautiful wife." Naoya snickered. Gojo's hand was now on your thigh, squeezing it while his neck veins slightly protruding. "Satoru, stay calm." You patted his hand. "I am calm, honey." He forced a smile at Naoya who was amused at the scene.

"Where's Megumi?" Gojo asked but the way Naoya sighed and poured himself a cup of tea heightened the tension. "I'm not asking again, Zenin. Where is Megumi?" Naoya was popping grapes into his mouth and flickered his eyes at him, "Don't worry. He's fine." Anyone could tell that he was lying and your anxiety has now turned into frustration and borderline anger. "Aren't you pathetic? Picking on a kid that is going to be surpass you in the future? Look, honey. We have a loser here!" Gojo laughed while shoving a finger at Naoya. From the looks of it, Naoya's cockiness was fading as he looks pissed at the statement.

"Shut your mouth, Gojo." He seethed. "What? Can't take the true? Boohoo~" Sighing, you rubbed your temples at Gojo's childish antics. "I'm going to impale you if you don't tell us where Megumi is, Zenin." Your voice sounded through the room. There was a purple zap in your orbs as you waited for Naoya to respond. You hated how he was not getting down to business and merely wasting time. It was as if he was waiting for something to happen. Wait. Gojo sensed the spike in your cursed energy and in that moment, both your eyes locked.

"I had to test his abilities to see if that boy was worthy to inherit our family's cursed technique," Naoya poured another cup of tea while looking bored. Gojo frowned after realizing what he meant but before he could react, a loud 'shing' was heard and the wooden table broke into half. Picking up your sword, you pointed it at Naoya. "Where is Megumi?!" You demanded, your patience wearing thin. "You've got yourself a feisty one, Gojo." Naoya chuckled while shaking his head. That's it.

The Eye of Judgement appeared hovering above you as your eyes shone purple. "Find Megumi. Now!" You commanded and the eye zapped out of the room in a bolt of lightning. Gojo sighed and adjusted his shades before smirking, "You've really done it, Zenin." One thing Gojo knew about you was that family meant the world to you. A person like you would do anything to protect your loved ones and that includes wiping them out from the face of the earth. Miko was a prime example.

"I see that we are going for round two," Naoya stood up from his seat, body language indicating that he was ready to attack you. However, Gojo stood in front of you and rolled his eyes. "C'mon, be a fucking man and fight me instead." He pushed Naoya's buttons. Since he didn't want to talk, it looks like you and Gojo had to resort to the last choice. "Go find our Gumi, baby. I'll take care of this pipsqueak." Kissing his cheek, you reminded him to be careful but all Gojo did was sigh, flicking your nose lightly, "Don't worry. I'm the strongest."

Exiting the room, you traced the Eye of Judgment to its location and followed it. This cursed technique acted like another pair of eyes for you to allow you to track people when needed. Just then, you heard yelling from behind and a few figures cut though an alley to a basement. You allowed the group and found out that the basement led to somewhat like an area with multiple cursed energy being felt from each corner. "Show us what you've got, shikigami user!" A voice bellowed and the next thing you saw was Megumi being pushed to the arena. Metal doors from either side lifted open and the sight horrified you. There were a plethora of curses escaping the cells they have been trapped it and was making their way towards Megumi.

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