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Teleporting to the arena, Gojo froze when he saw your motionless body. His orbs shook when he realized that Miko was there breathing heavily with a grin that belonged to a crazy person. Just then, her head snapped towards him and giggled to see the horror on his features. "Oh? I thought the strongest never falters?" She stumbled on her feet to his direction. She has got to admit that she was amused by the sight. The cockiness of Gojo was absent for once. "What the fuck did you do to her?" He seethed, bright blue orbs now shaking in anger.

Miko turned back to you for a split second, pointing her thumb at you, "Her? Just sent her to reunite with her family. Isn't that great?" Miko giggled as her tails started to wave in the air. "Your little ex-wife isn't some cursed user, Gojo. She's the daughter of the Lightning Lord that massacred the kitsunes a millennia ago." What? Gojo scoffed and took a step forward, "You must be out of your mind." Without another word, he blasted Blue towards her direction. Miko leapt away with the help of her tails and summoned foxes to attack Gojo. This fight was child's play to him. He wiped out the foxes in a blink of an eye as Miko gasped, at wits end when she felt her cursed energy depleting. The only way for her to live was to escape.

She fled for the exit but was stopped in her tracks when Gojo teleported in front of her face in an upside down position. There was nothing but a feral expression from his bright blue eyes. Two fingers were shown to generate Red as he shot it at Miko. The kitsune fell onto the ground harshly, causing a dent and a pile of smoke to rise. Blood splattered as Miko could barely regulate her breathing. Her eyes shifted upwards to see Gojo hovering above her in the air while glaring down at her. "Any last words?" He asked. Miko scoffed at first but it slowly turned into an insane laughter with tears flowing down her face. "Send me to hell to meet her and settle our hatred for the rest of our afterlife." Miko flickered her eyes at you. "You can go to hell yourself, bitch." Gojo seethed. A drop of Red and Blue coming together to manifest Purple as he showed no mercy to disintegrate Miko into nothingness.

Rushing to you, Gojo held onto your lifeless figure and pulled you closer to him. "Y/n?" His voice came out in a whisper while brushing your hair out of your face. He noticed the deep claw indents on your neck which was accompanied by streams of blood. Your lips were pale and there was little to no vitality in your features. "We'll be okay, honey. Don't you worry, hm?" Gojo pressed a kiss to your forehead, carried you in bridal style and teleported to Jujutsu High.

Geto was with Megumi kicking a ball around as a distraction. That was when he saw Shoko running across the opposite side of the corridor with a haggard Gojo who was carrying you. His brown orbs interlocked with Gojo's blue ones and realized that the situation was urgent and serious. Megumi wondered what made Geto remain stiff in his place for a few moments and directed himself to see what Geto was looking at. "M-Mama?" His voice croaked when he noticed your bloodied state. Without another word, Geto picked Megumi up in his arms towards the infirmary.

Gojo slid his body against the wall the moment he handed you over to Shoko. His fingers ran through his messy snowy hair as frustration filled his body. A fist punched the wall, indenting the concrete and caused fallouts to hit the ground. "Satoru." Gojo peered to his right to see Geto and Megumi. Placing the boy down, Megumi ran to the entrance of the infirmary in worry knowing that you were in there with Shoko. Geto frowned seeing Gojo looking down in the shambles, "What happened?" Gojo took in a shaky breath before telling Geto everything from Megumi's kidnapping to Zenin Naoya and Miko's reappearance. "Where's Miko now?" "I killed her, Suguru. Even made sure nothing was left from her." Geto remained silent. He knew that adding more words wasn't going to help with the situation.

"Mama..." Megumi sniffled. Gojo stood up from the ground and carried the little boy whose eyes filled with tears. Wiping his tears away, Gojo placed Megumi's head on the crook of his neck. "Mama will be alright, buddy. I promise." He cooed into his ear. "What if mama doesn't wake up?" Megumi questioned in a sob. Gojo stiffened while Geto's Adam's apple bobbed uncomfortably. Gojo stroked Megumi's back and pressed his cheek on the crown of Megumi's head.

"She will, Gumi. Your mama is the strongest." "Stronger than you?"
"Stronger than me."

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