CH 06

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Gojo was in Principal Yaga's office to ask him if he had any idea about the symbol on your nape. The older male frowned while observing the symbol before looking up at Gojo. "You're telling me that you don't even know your wife has a tattoo?" Yaga raised a brow. "That's not the point, Yaga!" The younger male huffed. Looking at his ex-student in disappointment, Yaga placed the sketch on his desk. "I've not seen this before. Maybe you can go through the archives in the library." Yaga suggested. "Huh? And here I thought I can rely on my sensei for information about the things I'm unsure." Gojo whined like how he was back in high school. "And now you're a teacher at Jujutsu High. Get a grip!" Yaga scolded, hitting Gojo on the crown of his head.

"I'm guessing Yaga has no clue too?" Geto asked, watching his friend strolling out of the room with a new bump on his head. "He told me to look for sources at the library!" Gojo whined again as Geto sighed loudly. "I thought I'd know everything after becoming a teacher!" Gojo added on. At this point, Geto was just tuning out. He wondered how he survived Gojo's antics after all these years. He remembered the times he told Gojo to tone it down a notch with his arrogance and cocky behaviour. Well, it did get better by a bit.

"If Yaga doesn't know, you know how else might?" Gojo looked at Geto who seemed a little reluctant to continue his sentence. "Spit it, Suguru." "The higher-ups." Gojo's demeanour changed as the rest of the walk continued in silence. The higher-ups were a bunch of oldies that Gojo despised. They were the ones who caused troubles or made them worse. In the end, the younger jujutsu sorcerers have to clear up the mess. Gojo, in particular, was frequently summoned by them as he was the honoured one to inherit the six eyes and the limitless. There was no way in hell he was going to ask those people about the symbol that appeared on your nape since the annual jujutsu event.

Be in touch with your chakra. That was what your father always reminded when you were a child. It has been a long time since you've done that and have been feeling more tired that usual. Maybe it was a sign to get back to meditation and connect with your chakra. Taking in a deep breath, you closed your eyes and started to meditate. Putting all your worries and doubts away, releasing the tension in your shoulders and have a clear mind.

This was a weird meditating session. You found yourself in what seemed like a barren waste land filled with Japanese temple entrances. The sky was red with swirls of storm clouds and lightning. Why pursue transience when there's eternity? A voice sounded. Looking up, there you saw a giant eye surrounded in electric fields. Its pupil was the exact symbol you have on your nape. A sharp pain was felt on the location of the symbol as the feeling surged through your skull like a horrible headache. It was when you widened your eyes and scenes from your past flashed through in descending order. There you saw the empty part of your brain. The part when your cursed energy knocked you out when Naoya was harassing you.

You watched yourself travel in the speed of lightning, almost killing Naoya and hurting Geto in the process. What was this all about? "Stop it!" You demanded as the eye opened a portal to reveal a katana, slashing before you. Gasping for air, you tried to regulate your breathing. Getting out of the room, you tried to pretend that everything was fine and got on with your day.

Tsumiki and Megumi were at the living room watching a movie while you were preparing dinner. Your mind was heavy and confused. You were not sure what was all that about but one thing's certain that you managed to beat Naoya's ass. You weren't one to use violence but it seemed like your other self wouldn't mind using it to dispose threats. The divine dogs sensed your worries and made their way to you. "Hello, my babies." You whispered, leaning forward to kiss their noses. The white one licked your cheek while the black one nuzzled itself against your thigh.

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