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A thick fog filled your sight. Toriis (Japanese shrine gateways) surrounded the area. There were complete ones, broken ones and crumbled ones. This site was what you envisioned during your deep meditations to connect with your chakra. However, it was much clearer now. Venturing deeper, your eyes squinted at the bright lights that were neatly lined up on either sides. It all led up to what seemed like your childhood house. Perhaps you were in a dream.

Without much thought, you found yourself at the entrance of the house. What made your senses heighten was seeing shadow figures in the house as your eyes widened. Rushing through the door, your orbs shook at the sight before you. It was your family. The familiar sight made your eyes water. Your mother was preparing desserts while Mayu was cleaning the dining table. "Oh, y/n? You're back!" Your mother placed the plate of daifukus on the table. "Mom?" Your voice cracked and walked towards her. There was a worried expression on her features when you engulfed her into a tight hug. "Y/n, what's wrong?" She patted your back and this caught Mayu's attention.

Mayu placed a warm hand on your back to calm your sobs but you pulled her into the hug too. Both your mother and Mayu were confused but stayed quiet. Not wanting to pry into your feelings. "I'm glad that we're together again," You sniffled. "Y/n, dear. Did something happen?" Your mother asked as your breath hitched. Pulling away from the hug, you shook your head and wiped your tears. "Are you sure?" Mayu questioned. It was as if none of them were aware of their life status in the real world but this was what you yearned for, maybe it was time to immerse yourself into this dream. "Your father is waiting for you upstairs." Your mother tilted her head to the second floor.

Upon going up to the second floor, the stairs dissolved into electric fields. There you saw your father on a floor pillow as his eyes met yours. "I've been waiting for you, my child." Your breath hitched and took shaky steps closer to him. "Dad-" "It has been hard on you, right?" He asked. Tears blurred your vision and rolled down your cheek. Wiping your tears away, your father held onto your hands. "I've been watching you, y/n. Even in the afterlife." You shook your head and held it high, reassuring him that you have been well but all you see was a sullen look in his eyes. He knows. After all, he was your father. Which parent could not feel their children's emotions and thoughts?

"Dad, do you know what is happening? Mom and Mayu don't seem like they're aware of reality." Your father let out a weak smile, "Of course, I do." He nodded. "So... You know how I got here?" You asked warily. "It's because of that kitsune decedent." Silence filled the room. You were not sure if it was appropriate to ask your father about what Miko told you. If he did not tell you when he was alive, there must be a reason why. "You seem to have a lot in mind, y/n." His voice broke your thoughts as you flickered your eyes at him. "I... Uhm, I-I just want to ask who are you really?" Taking in a breath, your father knew that the time has come. At this point, he had to tell the truth.

5000 years ago, a war broke out between the divine and demons. Being the almighty Lightning Lord, your father had to send down his army to get rid of the demons before they did harm to the humans. These demons killed mortals by sucking their life essence to gain more power and to live longer. The Kitsunes were the most powerful and sly demon group. Killing humans was child's play to them through their manipulation and ability to shapeshift into normal looking humans. The war almost got out of hand until a user of the limitless and six eyes intervened.

Hollowing Purple through the demons, the cursed user managed to take out more than half of the demon troops. Your father admired the cursed user and formed an alliance between the Lightning Lord and the Gojo clan. Your father knew that it would take many years for the Gojo clan to have a heir that yield such immense power. He knew that that heir would be reliable in the future to keep humanity safe from evil. Without much thought, your father proposed to the Gojo clan that should he have a daughter, he would marry her to the next six eyes and Limitless user if they were a son. Who would have thunk that that arranged marriage inflicted on you and Gojo Satoru.

Your father went by his days of the divine as Lightning Lord a few thousand years after the war until he decided to head to the mortal realm and that was when he met a beautiful woman selling flowers. That women being your mother. He courted her and learnt the ways of being human. Your father could see himself starting a family but with a human? It was going to be difficult and heavily frowned upon the other elemental lords. However, your father being the persistent man he was, wanted to marry your mother. Seeing how determined your father was, his fellow elemental lords had no choice but to give into him upon one condition, which was to give up his divine status. As if it was the easiest choice in the world, your father gave up his powers and immortality to be with your mother.

Now in the divine realm, the Lightning Lord's seat was empty. The other elemental lords were at a loss. They were that their fellow brother was known for his power and influence when it comes to war if necessary. He was nicknamed the God of War amongst them. As the Flora Lord sighed in her seat, she felt her senses tingling and started to trace where it was coming from. Being known for her abundance, she giggled when she realized that caused her tingles. The other elemental lords gathered around her curiously to look at her hologram. The formal Lightning Lord was carrying a newborn in his arms. In that moment, they knew that a heir of the Lightning Lord has been born.

The pieces of the puzzle now filled the void you had. The sacrifices your father made just to be happy with your mother and fulfil his dream of having a family. "I hope you don't blame me for the abilities you possess, y/n." Shaking your head, you knew that some things were out of your father's control. "I have to apologize for my brash comment about the union between the Lightning Lord and the Gojo clan." Of course, he was aware about your marriage life with Gojo. "Don't worry, Dad. We're now separated." "Yes, and it's funny how that separation made you and Gojo Satoru fall in love."

Blushing, you looked away in fluster while your father chuckled. "I must say that Gojo Satoru is a charismatic and handsome young man." Although your father was a man of few words, he means whatever that comes out of his mouth. "He's annoying to say the least." "You say that but your lips are tilting into a smile." He nudged you lightly. "But I know he holds a lot to himself. It's not easy being the strongest sorcerer." You knew where your father was coming from and he was correct. Although Gojo always kept up a somewhat positive and cheeky demeanour, there were tons of things in his mind that he did not have to share.

"Speaking of which, I know he must be worried sick for you." Your father's words reminded you that Gojo was waiting for you to come round. A part of you wants to assure Gojo that you were fine but the other part did not want to leave your family. "This is not a dream, y/n. It's your domain and you can visit us anytime." Your father stated. "T-This is my domain?" "It's completed now through time." You could not believe that you created a domain through your abilities. "The Limitless and Eternity as one. I like the sound of that." Your father nodded in approval, referring to Gojo and you respectively.

"Before you go, I want to pass you this." What seemed like a chess piece made with amethyst and the symbol on your nape hovered in the air. It travelled to your chest and began binding itself in your body, causing you to feel a surge of energy. "It's to keep you safe and connect with us better." Your father explained its purpose as you nodded. He raised his hand to your forehead and flicked it.

"I'll see you later, my child."
"See you later, Dad."

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