CH 16

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A buzz was heard from your phone as you answered the call with the device in between your ear and shoulder while typing out a report. "Hello?" "Mama." It was Megumi and you stopped work the moment you heard his voice. "Hi, baby. Anything you wanna talk about?" Your lips curled into a smile. Muffles and background noises were heard, "Hello, y/n!" Tsumiki greeted, causing you to chuckle. "Hey, sweetie." "So, Gumi and I are hungry because the housekeeper left earlier today." Without another thought, you found yourself packing your belongings and made a beeline for the elevator. "I'll be right there, Tsumiki. In the meantime, could you and Megumi help yourselves to a filling beverage like hot chocolate?" You knew that your office was located further from Gojo's penthouse and wanted the children's stomach to at least have something before you arrive. "Okay!" Tsumiki chirped. "That's my girl. I'll see you later, hm?" You pressed the '1' button on the elevator's panel.

"Y/n!" Tsumiki squealed at the sight of you, not forgetting to help the plastic bags you were carrying. On the way here, you decided to go grocery shopping for some ingredients and other treats you thought the kids might like. Upon placing your tote bag in a corner of the living, you turned to see Megumi gazing at you through his lashes. "Hi, baby." You kissed his cheek, feeling him cling onto you top as you hoisted him up. "You hungry? I'll cook you a bowl of udon. It won't take long, baby." You whispered into his ear. Megumi hummed and rubbed his cheek against your warmth, "Thank you, mama." You stomach turned into a puddle of goo hearing how soft his voice was.

You started by washing the vegetables and looked from the corner of your eye to see Tsumiki measuring the sauces for the udon soup mixture. "Sweetie, you're doing great." You complimented, watching her beam toothily. The young girl helped to slice the meat and you made sure she was careful with the knife. Megumi was sitting by the table, observing how you were preparing to whip up udon for dinner as the delicious broth boiled away.

A beep was heard at the door which was followed by stumbles, "Kids! I bought dinner!" Gojo yelled from the entrance. His nose sniffed the scent of the boiling broth and made his way to the kitchen to see that you were cooking. "You're late." Megumi frowned in annoyance. "Welcome back, Gojo! What did you buy?" Tsumiki peered into the paper bag that Gojo was holding. "Some crepes and ice cream!" Your eye twitched upon hearing his answer. Was he being for real? "Those are desserts, idiot." Megumi mumbled under his breath, your lips tilting in amusement.

"Oh? Looks like your mama saved the day." Gojo undid his blindfold and peered at the bowls filled with udon, meat and vegetables. Megumi grumbled and hopped off his seat to wash his hands before having his meal with Tsumiki following behind. "You must be insane, Gojo. Crepes for dinner? Those kids are going to see the dentist frequently if this continues." You clicked your tongue and poured the hot broth into the bowls carefully. There were a total of four bowls and Gojo couldn't help but smirk playfully. "You cooked for me too?" He stepped closer to you. Letting out a fake smile, your Eye of Judgement appeared in threat. "Don't push your luck, dumbass." Taking the bowls to the table and laying the utensils

You watched the kids slurp the udon heartily, making your eyes soften at the sight. It was when Megumi was seen having some difficulty with the meat slice's tough parts. "Don't force yourself if you can't bite through it, baby." Being the stubborn boy he was, Megumi used his chopsticks, trapping the meat slice between it and yanked it with all his might with his teeth. "Oi, squirt. Listen to y/n. Here, have mine instead and stop that." Gojo scolded lightly, giving Megumi a meat slice from his bowl of udon. Tsumiki giggled and she caught your attention, "What's so funny, sweetie?" Your lips tilted in anticipation for her answer. "The both of you are like our parents!" Tsumiki pointed out innocently.

The rise in temperature on your cheeks made you want to run away and hide. Gojo noticed how uncomfortable you looked and couldn't help but narrow his eyes playfully at Tsumiki. "Too bad you're children of divorce." He joked but it served as a reminder to them at the both of you were no longer together. Tsumiki's cheerful self wallowed down when she realized that she have said the wrong words while Megumi poked the onsen egg floating on the broth. The atmosphere drastically changed and you knew it affected the kids who were totally innocent.

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