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The morning sunshine seeped through the curtains as birds chirped to usher the new day. The contrast of the sun's warmth was perfect with the winter chills as snow piled up the walkways and roads. Laying on his tummy, Gojo shifted in the fluffy bedsheets and reached for his right, only to be met with emptiness. His ocean eyes widened instantly, sitting up and letting the covers fall to his lap, revealing his muscled upper body. He called for you, a pout only to plaster on his handsome features and decided to shuffle to the bathroom in hopes of seeing you.

"Honey?" Gojo peeped into the bathroom to see what it was vacant. The absence of your perfume meant that you were still home. The snow haired man decided to head to his son's room to give his daily morning hugs and kisses but Seichiro wasn't there too. Gojo frowned, heading to Sayuri's room next to see that his baby girl was not in her crib. Gojo started to panic, searching the penthouse until he heard a smash coming from the kitchen. Without a second thought, Gojo teleported there to see what was going on.

"Oops!" Seichiro cupped his mouth with both hands. You gasped and made way to him, "Mochi, you got flour all over the face!" You giggled and tried cleaning the mess. Sayuri babbled in one of your arms as you smooched her cheek before doing the same on Seichiro's forehead. "We've got to be quiet or else-" "Or else what?" Seichiro gasped and pointed to the voice coming from your back. You slowly turned around to see your husband standing behind with his arms crossed over his chest. "Or else papa will wake up!" Seichiro waved his arms and squealed when Gojo swooped him into his embrace.

Gojo cocked a brow and shifted his attention on you, "Honey, what's going on?" He stepped forward to close the gap between the both of you. "I... We-" You looked anywhere but him in embarrassment. "Hm?" Gojo lifted your chin with his pointer finger. "Just wanted to surprise you with breakfast in bed, my love." You let the cat out of the bag. Gojo blinked at you in confusion, not understanding why you looked so flustered. "Happy birthday, papa!" Seichiro cheered cutely and smooched Gojo's cheek. Oh. "My goodness! How could papa forget his birthday?" Gojo gasped and pretended to faint causing Seichiro to giggle as Sayuri reached for him. "Did my baby girl help mama and Seichi to make papa's surprise breakfast?" Gojo blew raspberries against her chubby cheek, causing her to let out adorable noises. Well, mission failed.

You watched your babies play with their father with a weak smile. All you wanted to do was to wake your husband up to breakfast for his birthday but you did not manage to do it. The 7th December only happens once a year and you felt bummed out. "Papa papa! Lookie!" Seichiro showed a doodle of the family in different coloured crayons. "Wow~ Mochi's such a great artist! Is this pink squiggle by my princess?" Gojo pointed to the corner of the drawing. "Wata too, papa." Seichiro poke the paper. Speaking about Wata, where was he? "Honey? Where's our fur baby?" Gojo looked up to you who was at the kitchen. "O-Oh! Uhm... Megumi went to send Wata for his grooming." "Again? Didn't Wata went two weeks ago?" Gojo tried recalling. "Wata's nails grow fast, papa." Seichiro tried reasoning. "You're right, mochi. They do grow fast." Gojo agreed with Seichiro while cradling Sayuri in his arms.

Plating the pancakes, you were slicing some fruits when a pair of strong arms hugged you from behind. "Aren't you going to wish me on my special day?" You could hear his pout. Turning around, you wrapped your arms around his neck, "Happy birthday, my love." Your lips curving into a sweet smile before tip toeing to peck Gojo's lips. "Where's my present?" "I'll pass it to you later!" You booped his nose, giggling at his behaviour. Gojo jutted his lips and hugged you tighter, "Satoru, I need to make breakfast." "My "breakfast" is right here." You squeaked when you felt him pressing his chest against yours. Oh. So that was what he meant. "Love-" You were cut off when his lips trailed your jawline to your neck. "C'mon, honey-"

"You are disgusting."

Shooting your head at the doorway, it was Megumi and Tsumiki along with Wata. Seichiro squealed and ran towards his older siblings, hugging Wata and nuzzling against his soft fur. Tsumiki made a beeline for Sayuri to lift her up before tickling her belly. "Hi, kids!" You shoved Gojo off you and made way to them. "Morning, mom~" "Good morning, my darling." You pecked Tsumiki's cheek. "Looks like someone's being inappropriate the first thing in the morning." Megumi eyed Gojo while receiving a kiss from you. "Hey! It's my birthday and I can do anything!" Gojo huffed as Megumi rolled his eyes. "A year older but still acting like a damn man child." The teen mumbled under his breath. "Gumi!" Gojo whined and looked at you with puppy eyes but all you did was laugh.

"Happy birthday!" Tsumiki handed Gojo a carrier of cute cupcakes. "Thanks, Miki! Where's my present, Gumi?" Gojo poked Megumi's cheek. Scowling, he swatted Gojo's hand away and continued playing with Seichiro and Sayuri. A moment of silence followed before Megumi spoke, "I-It's on your office desk." He blushed. "What?! Why didn't you bring it here?" Gojo whined and squished his cheek on Megumi's shoulder. "Don't make me give you a birthday bash." Gojo was about to respond but he was cut off when you called him into your shared bedroom. "Looks like I'm about to get some! Watch over the babies!" Gojo leapt off the couch as Megumi and Tsumiki sighed. "Do you only have obscene thoughts?" Megumi side eyed him. "You are holding onto the products of my obscene thoughts." Gojo snickered. "What the fu-" "Gumi, the kids!"

Gojo closed the door behind him and took off his shirt, "Honey, I'm here~" He sang. "My love, happy birth- What are you doing?" You cocked a brow at him while holding onto a carefully wrapped box. Gojo blinked at you, "We don't need words for this moment." "Satoru, I just want to give your present." Gojo's flirtatious demeanour faltered, as he jutted his lower lip. "Happy birthday, my love. I hope you'll like it!" You pecked his lips and sat down on the edge of the bed beside him. Unwrapping the gift, Gojo took off the lid of the box to reveal a necklace with a familiar looking pendant.

"H-Honey, is this what I think it is?" Gojo blinked at you with a serious look on his features. "It's a fragment from my Eye of Judgement, Satoru." You confirmed his thoughts as he softened his gaze. "But why?" "Being the strongest, you're always the protector." You held onto his hands and leaned closer. "I promised that I'll be the one protecting you. This fragment will keep you safe even in the toughest battles." You pressed your lips against his cheek. "Happy birthday, Satoru. I love you so much." Cupping your face, Gojo sealed the gap between your kiss in a passionate kiss filled with his love for you. "Thank you, honey. I love you too. So much... This is such a beautiful gift." Gojo whispered against your lips.

A whine cut through the atmosphere only to see Seichiro running towards the both of you, "Kiss Seichi too!" He pointed to his cheek. Chuckling, Gojo picked him to his lap and pecked Seichiro's cheek as requested. "Don't forget about Sayuri!" Tsumiki reminded as she entered the room with Sayuri in her arms and Megumi following behind. "Of course! How could I forget?" You took Sayuri from Tsumiki's arms to kiss her cute nose. Megumi sat next to you while Tsumiki settled beside Gojo, giving out their own smiles.

Love is the most twisted curse. From hatred to love, denial to acceptance, pain to bliss. This twisted curse that Gojo claimed in the beginning ironically became a blessing.

There is nothing that could break this "twisted curse" that you and him share as you will do anything to protect it.

A/N: Happy birthday, Gojo 🩵

I decided to complete this story on Gojo's birthday as I thought it was fitting. Thank you all so much for reading this book. I really enjoyed writing it! I appreciate you guys' support and interest for 'Twisted Curse'. Come back to read this book again when you miss it!

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