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Geto and Nanami were walking along the corridors of Jujutsu High when they heard murmurings and whispers. They wondered what got these teenagers this enticed. Was it about a mission? The latest couple in school? They went pass a group of third years who gathered by the windows with excited looks on their faces. "She's so hot." Geto's interest was perk, raising his toes a little to see what the boys were referring too. That was when he noticed that it was you who they were giggling all over. "Shouldn't you lot be in class?" Nanami interrupted their moment. "Nanami-san!" They gasped when they realized that Geto was with him. Geto wanted to shoo them off to their classroom when he heard a familiar voice calling for him and Nanami. He turned to see you approaching them with a warm smile on your face while waving. He could sense the third years holding onto their breath in awe.

"Hi, Suguru and Kento!" You greeted. "Hey, y/n. What brings you here?" Geto asked. Your lips parted to speak but felt eyes on your figure which caused your attention to divert to the group of teenagers. Were your eyes deceiving you? Were these boys blushing and squirming slightly? Nanami sighed and folded his arms across his chest, "Get back to class." "Haru, this is your chance!" A voice sounded and a particular boy with brown hair was shoved in front of you. Blinking at him, confusion started to wash over at the sight. "A-Are you by chance single?" He asked shyly. Your eyes turned into sizes of mochis. Geto slapped his forehead while Nanami sighed (again).

You wondered if you were hearing things correct. This  young man in front of you was asking for your relationship status. Nanami wanted to speak up but felt a hand on his shoulder and turned back to see Geto shaking his head. He did not understand why Geto did so until he noticed a figure behind a wall. Narrowing his eyes at Geto, Nanami shook his head finding him childish. "I'm actually..." Your finger lifted slightly to continue speaking but your words were cut off. "I think you're really cute!" Haru started off. "More like you think she's hot-" "Shut up, Yuma! Anyway, I was thinking if you'd like to go on a date with me?" A part of you found this amusing while you felt flattered at the other part. Did you look young for your age that these boys thought you were also a high school student?

"Honey~" Without having to see who it was, you already knew that it was no other than your one and only. Geto tried to conceal his laughter while Nanami rolled his eyes. Of course, Gojo Satoru had to make an entrance. "There you are, Toru." You let out a breath of relief and watched him come closer to you. Gojo wrapped an arm around your waist and tugged you gently towards him, leaning down to lay a kiss on your cheek. "Oh? What are you pipsqueaks doing here?" Gojo raised a brow and smirked when the students stammered through their words. "G-Gojo sensei! Is she your girlfriend?" One of them asked. "More than a girlfriend. She's the mother of our kids." Gojo started to fool with them. "She's a milf!" Another whisper shouted as your eyes widened while Gojo and Geto's muffled laughter were about to explode.

"Geto-sensei, why didn't you tell us?!"
"Well, I did try but you guys were so focused on y/n."
"Nanami-san, you could've at least stopped us!"
"Please leave me out of this."'

Haru looked deflated with all his hopes crashing down and felt embarrassed when he found out he was hitting on his teacher's girlfriend. You noticed his demeanour and glared at your annoying boyfriend for a moment to stop his weird antics. "Sorry about that, miss." Haru apologized and you shook your head. "It's alright, I'm sure you'll meet a nice girl one day." You tried to cheer him up. Little did you know that his heart slipped a beat upon hearing those words slip out of your lips. "Fuck! Principal Yaga's coming to our classroom!" Gasping, the group rushed through their way to the classroom before it was too late. Nobody wanted to get scolded by Yaga.

Cackling away, Gojo lifted his blindfold to wipe a stray tear away while Geto felt stitches on the side of his tummy from how hard he laughed. Nanami let out the nth sigh of the day, probably regretting agreeing to Geto's request to come to Jujutsu High for a training session of the students. Gojo and Geto looked at each other for a moment before breaking the air through their non-stop cackling and wheezing. "I'm here for business, Geto." Nanami adjusted his tie. "Oh, right right. See you, Satoru!" Geto slapped Gojo's lower back and joined Nanami to their destination.

"Honey, what are you doing here?" Gojo wondered when both of you entered his office. Your hand rummaged through your bag and took out your wallet to fish out his black card. Gojo undid his blindfold and pouted when you took his hand and slapped the card on his palm. "Your cheeky move failed, love." Gojo wakes up earlier than you and decided that this fine morning he would drop his black card into your wallet for you to swipe and use. "I was worried that you wouldn't have money." "I have cash!" "Toru, the world is going cashless." Your boyfriend huffed and plopped onto the couch, dragging you along with him and settled you on his lap.

Noticing his sulky demeanour, you smiled weakly and rubbed his chest to comfort him. Gojo blew his bangs and narrowed his eyes at you playfully, pulling you closer so that now your chest was pressed against his. Gojo puffed his cheeks adorably and glanced at the card between his fingers before flinging it somewhere. "Satoru! You can't just do that!" You gasped with widened eyes. "Oh yes, I can! It's my card!" Gojo responded in a mocking tone and that was when you realized he was throwing a tantrum. "Toru, love. Are you upset because I'm not spending your money?" You raised a brow at him. "So what if I am?" Gosh, this man! You couldn't even be mad at his behaviour.

Cupping his face, you pecked his soft lips to appease him and knew it worked when he smiled against your lips. However, he kept his pouty attitude up, not realizing that you have seen through him. "There, better?" "No." Gojo looked away in another direction. "Oh, no! Then what shall I do?" From your teasing tone, Gojo knew that you were just playing along with him and that made his heart flutter. He glanced at you for a moment and shrugged, "Dunno. Maybe gimme more kisses." Without any warning, you smothered kissed all over his handsome features, leaving lipstick stains on his skin. "My strong, capable, handsome and dependable love..." The tip of your fingers drawing random shapes on his chest, causing Gojo to raise a brow at you. He smirked and tugged you closer to seal any gaps between, "This is kinda working." He hummed in approval.

"Don't worry about me, alright? I have my own funds." You showed him your credit card to assure him that you were financially stable since you have resumed work. "Love me an independent woman." Gojo cocked a brow and took your card from your fingers to see it. An annoyed frown adorned his features which left you confused, "Okay, even though it's not a black card like yours, it still-" "I'm not thinking about that, honey." Gojo interrupted your sentence and shoved the card to your face as if telling you something was wrong with it. However, you could not seem to pin point the issue that he was referring to. "I think my last name suits you better." "You notice the weirdest things, Toru." You shook your head and stared at your name on the card for a few moments. It was at that moment you knew what he meant.

Lifting your head from the card, your eyes had to squint momentarily to adjust to the blinding object in front of you. It was a round blue diamond ring with smaller diamonds surrounding the band. The blue diamond was perceived as rare and valuable in the market which signifies loyalty and trust. "Satoru...?" You breathed, pulling your body back a little in shock. "This is not fanciest place for a proposal but I thought about it." He paused, Adam's Apple bobbing to show how the strongest was nervous around you.

"When I brought Megumi and Tsumiki home, you treated them like your own with not a single complaint. Even after our divorce, you still wished me well and continued caring for the kids. Gosh, even that brat sees you as his mother. I find it ridiculous yet funny that I only fell in love for you when we've separated and went through a lot. I ruined our first marriage, but here I am wanting you back in my life because I realized... I cannot live without you. I want to make it up to you for all my wrongdoings. You fill up the emptiness in my void. So, will you give me another chance to marry you?"

Silence filled the room. Gojo has never felt this tense in his life. He watched as tears lined your waterline, causing panic to rise within him, "I didn't mean to make you cry-" His lips were sealed with yours and fluttered his eyes close to savour the kiss. Pulling away with a smack, you sniffled and felt Gojo wiping your tears away. "Will you marry me, y/n?" The way his voice sounded soft made your heart flutter. "Yes, I will, Satoru!" Gojo let out a smile of relief, holding onto your left hand and slipping the beautiful ring through your ring finger. Locking eyes with him, you beamed at him and he did the same, pulling you into a tight embrace and nuzzling into the crook of your neck.

"Thank you, y/n."

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