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"Look who's back!" Tsumiki made her appearance to the living room. "My sweetheart's home," You went over to lay a kiss on her cheek. Seichiro cooed in your arms, causing Tsumiki to divert her attention to her little brother. "Did Seichiro get chubbier? He's so cute!" Tsumiki squealed at the sight, making funny faces at your baby boy who let out a giggle. Placing the carrier filled with sweet treats, Tsumiki had brought them over for you and Gojo to try what the cafe she was working at offered. The thought of your husband with a raging sweet tooth wolfing down the treats made you sigh and wondered how he has not made a single complaint that his teeth hurts. This man was simply perfect. Tsumiki picked up certain selections that she thought you would love and joined you by the coffee table after brewing some earl grey tea for the both of you.

Being the curious baby he was, Seichiro made grabby hands for the mochi that you picked up from the plate. His big blue eyes trailed your movement and watched you bite into the strawberry mochi, a look of contentment filled your features which indicated that it was delicious. "Mom, look at Seichiro!" Tsumiki pointed out while giggling. The boy could not tear his orbs off your figure, wondering when was his turn to have some desserts. "They're not for you, baby. Mama's sorry, hm?" You cradled him closer to your warmth. It was as if Seichiro understood your words, head bumping against your chest to nuzzle you. It reminded you about the times Megumi did the same when he was a young boy. "Please stop yapping away." "Hey! I was just sharing my interest about aliens! I think they exist." Speak of the devil as your two other favourite men in your life entered the living room. You were surprised that Megumi came back with Gojo. It was something rare.

"Gumi, you're here! Did you grow taller?" Tsumiki wondered, eyes brightening further at the sight of her brother. It was been about three weeks since they last met. "I'm not sure." Megumi sighed tiredly, eyes narrowing at how loud Gojo was for fawning over the cute treats Tsumiki brought back. He was soon greeted by Wata whose tail was wagging vigorously to show how happy he was to see Megumi again. "Hey, buddy. I missed you too." Megumi hummed, feeling Wata pouncing on him to shower him with kisses. "Honey, is our mochi pouting?" Gojo observed his little boy's attention diverting to his papa. Maybe it was a glimpse of hope that Seichiro would finally get to have a nibble of whatever the adults were having! "We can't feed him that, love. He doesn't have teeth to chew yet!" "Papa's poor mochi. I promise to buy you all the desserts you want when you get your teeth!" Gojo smooched Seichiro's chubby cheek affectionately. Of course, he had to give you a big, fat kiss too as he placed his lips against yours before he was chased to get a shower by you.

"Mom," Megumi settled next to you while Wata followed him, opting to lay on the carpet for a nap. "Saw that look on your grumpy face, darling. Did Satoru tease you again?" Megumi rolled his eyes and sunk deeper into the couch, "He embarrassed me in front of Inumaki..." Oh, that boy with cursed speech was a senior who Megumi looked up to. He explained that Gojo showed off the pictures he took of Megumi when he got roughed up by Sukuna the first time he met Yuji. "What a meanie." "That meanie is your husband, mom." Megumi pouted with a frown on his face. Letting out a weak smile, you leaned in to lay a kiss on his cheek, in hopes that it would comfort him. Seichiro whined and trashed in your hold, his eyes on Megumi and he seemed like he wanted to be in his older brother's arms. Without a single word, Megumi gently lifted Seichiro, balancing him on his lap with Tsumiki joining shortly after.

You went to the bedroom to grab your phone when the bathroom's door clicked open to reveal your husband. Gojo had a smirk on his soft lips and leaned against the doorframe to wait for you to notice his presence. "I can feel that annoying smug look, Satoru." Gojo pouted, jutting his lower lip after before approaching you from behind. "You're no fun, honey~" He whined, wanting your attention from his cute antics. "Satoru, I'm trying to do something here." You huffed, eyes on the device while trying to slither away from Gojo's tight grip. "My wife's so beautiful and sexy." His random comment made you snort. "I'm a mother who's lacking sleep and time for herself, suffering from sore breasts leaking from milk. Does those still sound beautiful and sexy?" Gojo's cheeky demeanour faltered as his buff arms tightened around your waist. "Yes. I'll love you no matter what, honey." You looked up at him from the mirror, his gaze now hardening the slightest to show that he meant those words. "I love how you're always by Seichiro's side instantly especially at night to show how much you love him as much as I do. I appreciate that you've sacrificed your precious time for Seichiro. I love your pretty tits because they provide nutritious milk to feed our Seichiro and build up his immune system."

"Satoru..." You breathed, tears lining your waterline at your husband's sweet words and felt him turning your body around to face him. Everyone knew that Gojo was that egoistical dork who goes around poking fun people and sometimes doing questionable actions for his age. However, only you knew who he actually was behind closed doors. He was your sweet Satoru. Your precious and charming husband who was also the best father to Seichiro and guardian to Megumi and Tsumiki. People gravely misunderstood him but that did not matter so long as you knew who he was. "You still think I'm pretty?" "Still?! Honey, look at how motherhood changed you to become more beautiful inside and out." His large hands smoothing through your curves which gotten more prominent thanks to pregnancy and motherhood. "You'll always be beautiful in my eyes, my sweet wifey." Gojo tapped your nose lightly, kissing you after that as if to seal his words into a promise.

Upon pulling away, Gojo smirked and leaned in to your ear. "I'd still ravish you in bed the same or probably more now that you're the mother of my child." His voice was sultry and husky, making your knees go weak with a heart pounding against your ribcage and you could hear it in your ears. "I'll put another baby in you soon, honey." Gojo nipped your ear gently as your hands turn into fists, brushing them against his bare chest. "Satoru..." You gasped when he placed a wet kiss on that sweet spot on your neck. Gojo loves it when you get all shy and flustered when the both of you literally have a child together. "We should start asking our mochi and teens if they'd prefer a brother or sister." Your husband did not seem to want to stop teasing you and chuckled when he caught a blush seeping through your cheeks and littered kisses all over your features.

"My cute little wife. Love ya, honey."

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