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Hi, it's lvnaverse here. I would like to express some thoughts and give you guys updates for the upcoming chapters.

While most are positive, I have come across some comments that have bothered me. There are comments that I feel are taking this ff too seriously. Sometimes, it makes me wonder why this app doesn't have a disable comments section. Everything in this ff is FAKE and it is my safe space to seek comfort especially after a tough day at work. I'll appreciate it if comments are respectful and nice, any comments that ticks me will be deleted. I won't hesitate to mute readers who constantly post bothersome comments.

2. Updates
Future updates will be slow so please don't expect me to upload multiple chapters. I'm a working adult with real responsibilities and stress. Hence, the chances of feeling burnt out is higher. I will upload when I feel like doing so.

Final thoughts:
I would like to repeat this again. This ff is brings me joy and comfort. It lets my imagine run wild. Sure, there will be times the storyline doesn't make sense but I don't care because everything here is made up. I would like to thank you guys for reading and supporting this book too.

Thank you for reading till the end of this announcement and have a great week ahead.

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