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Megumi wondered where were you. The moment he opened his eyes, you were one of the first things that come to his mind. He was now in an empty room belonging to you. Was he in a dream? He specifically remembered that you told him and Tsumiki that you were moving back with them. The boy even peeked into Tsumiki's room to see if you were with her but to no avail. There was only one room that he has yet to check which was that annoying white haired sorcerer whose main goal was to tease the poor boy until the end of time.

Without much thought, he reached for the door knob and twisted it open. What he saw was a topless Gojo sleeping in your arms peacefully while your cheek was pressed against his sturdy chest. A sour feeling ran through Megumi as if he dipped himself in lemon juice. The raven haired boy was no means a morning person. He would be grumpy and silent for the first hour after waking up but the sight before him probably made him borderline mad.

Gojo's nose scrunch at the ticklish feeling, thinking that it was your hair getting on his face. A hand reached out to brush your hair away but realized that the texture was spiky which reminded him of someone else. His vibrant blue eyes widened and looked down to see Megumi squeezing in between you and him. "Morning, squirt." His morning husky voice broke the quiet room. Megumi gave him a side eye, small hands pushing against Gojo's chest to make space or maybe push him off the bed.

"Oi, this is my room. You trying to be funny here?" Gojo found it amusing seeing how much Megumi was jealous. That was when you stirred and took in a deep breath before revealing your sleepy eyes. "Megumi?" You sat up slightly in confusion, wondering when did he come in. Megumi pulled himself to you, his face against your chest and peered at you, "Is he being weird, mama?" Gojo and you looked at each in unison, breaking into smiles and giggles. How adorable. "Not at all, my baby." You stroked his head affectionately. "Then why are you sleeping here?" He pouted. "That's because someone was scared of the monsters under the bed." You teased Gojo, hand reaching out to caress his soft cheek. He seized the opportunity to lay a kiss on your hand while gazing at you through his thick white lashes, making your heart flutter.

"What a loser."
"A loser I am, Gumi."

Gojo got up from the mattress to walk towards your side, leaning in to kiss you on the forehead before washing up. Meanwhile, Megumi snuggled with you while talking about Wata. The cute puppy that has managed to seize his heart. You listened to Megumi, planting forehead kisses on his soft skin from time to time. A warmth flowing through your body during this moment and you savoured it, placing your chin on the top of his head. "Do you love Wata, mama?" He questioned innocently. "Of course, I do. I love all three of my babies." You held out three fingers with a loving grin.

Megumi let out a small smile of his own but Gojo had to whine and ruin the moment. "Three? What about me?!" He plopped above you and Megumi. As usual, the boy scowled and looked at you for help. "I suppose I have four babies now. It's a lot of work." You sighed dramatically. Gojo smirked and pressed a wet kiss on your cheek causing Megumi to groan at the sight. "I'm going to feed Wata." He leapt out of the mattress and made a beeline for the door. He didn't want to stay in that room for any longer.

Wiping your face with a towel, your lips tilted when you felt him placing his chin on your shoulder. "Baby, why are you taking so long?" He dragged his words in a whine, arms squeezing around your waist. Flicking his nose, you turned to face him and there was a cute glint in his eyes upon seeing you. Your fingers ran through his undercut, telling him that it was about time to cut his snowy hair. Gojo hummed in response, leaning in for a short kiss on the lips with a smack when you pulled away. "Gumi was jealous alright." He mentioned the boy. You chuckled, understanding what he meant. Megumi was with you for more than half the time. You pointed out that Tsumiki and Gojo were always hanging out too, be it letting her mess with his hair with accessories or painting his nails. The man allowed Tsumiki to do everything within his means.

"Is it true?!" Tsumiki scrambled towards you who was flipping the pancakes. "Good morning, my sweetheart." You smiled down at her while she hugged your waist tightly. "Gojo and you are back together?" "Mhm." Tsumiki squealed in delight and bounced on her spot. She expressed how happy she was and even shouted to Megumi about the news when he was the one who figured it out and told her earlier. Megumi gave her a deadpanned look. He couldn't be more bothered and continued playing with Wata. However, he couldn't help but let out the slightest smile at the news.

After having his breakfast, Megumi returned his plate and utensils to the sink. A tug was felt on your shorts and you looked down to see him. "Yes, baby?" You squeezed a drop of detergent on the sponge. "Can I go buy treats for Wata across the street, mama?" He requested. "Okay, baby. Be careful, alright?" Megumi nodded and went over to Gojo. He extended an arm to show a hand as the white haired male look up from his phone. Without asking, he knew what the boy wanted and stood up for his room. He came back with his black card and handed it to Megumi. "Thank you." "What can I say? I'm the best- Hey!" Gojo pouted seeing Megumi scurry out of the penthouse. Giggling, you went over to him and tip toed to kiss his jaw to comfort him.

Megumi looked into the plastic bag with a few packets of treats for Wata and new toys. He was on the way home when he felt a presence behind him and turned back slightly. "Who are you?" He gave the man a blank stare. "Damn, you do look like him." The man chuckled, reminiscing the old days. "Who?" The boy's face turned into a scowl, not liking where this was going. All he remembered was wanting to summon the divine dogs but failed when his vision turned black.

It has been two hours since Megumi left and you were getting worried. Tsumiki told you that the boy did not bring his phone along because he told her that he would be back within the hour. Gojo was at the balcony, scanning the view before him while frowning. You knew things were serious when the loud annoying man was silent. "Satoru." You stood by him with worry filling your eyes. Gojo flickered his bright blue eyes at you, an arm snaking around your waist to pull you closer. "Megumi's taking a long time. Should we look for him?" You suggested with furrowed brows.

Gojo parted his lips, about to answer you when he was interrupted by his phone ringing. "Gojo speaking." He picked up the call. It was silence that followed after. The straight face he had wasn't helping one bit as he ended the call moments later. "Who was that, Satoru?" You gripped onto his arm. "Megumi was brought back to the Zenin residence." Your blood ran cold, panic rising from within and you felt your throat tightening up. "What?" Your voice cracked, making Gojo hold onto you to his chest. "H-He must have been kidnapped! Poor baby... We got to find him-" "Hey, hey! Shh... Take deep breaths for me, baby." He cupped your face that was stained with tears.

"Megumi..." You sobbed while feeling the pads of his thumbs wiping your tears away. "Gumi's been kidnapped?" Tsumiki sounded from behind. Squatting down to her height, there was fear in her brown orbs. You gathered your feelings to stay composed and held onto either sides of her arms, "Tsumiki, sweetie. Megumi's going to be fine. I promise we'll bring back home safe." Her teary eyes met yours, causing your heart to break at the sight. "Really?" "Yes, really. Satoru and I will make sure that Megumi comes back home." You tidied her brown locks and hugged her in assurance.

Gojo wasn't having it. Not one bit. Tsumiki was sent to Jujutsu High in safe hands while the both of you settled this crisis. However, he had to be strong and stay composed. He couldn't afford to break while you were on the edge. "Megumi has inherited the Zenin clan's cursed technique. He's basically a god to them." Gojo was implying that the Zenins wouldn't think to hurt Megumi. "Don't worry, alright? I'll handle it." He assured.

You observed the way his expression faltered. You knew that he was feeling the same or even worse. After all, Gojo has been with the kids much longer than you. "Satoru," you sat next to him on the edge of the bed and held onto his hand, intertwining your fingers with his. "You know you can depend on me, right?" Gojo's pupils dilated upon hearing that. "I know how lonely it is to be the strongest sorcerer but I just want you to know that you have me now. We're in this together, Satoru." Kissing his cheek, you stroked his soft skin with an affectionate gaze. "So, please. Depend on me too." With that, Gojo leaned in for a passionate kiss and poured his feelings in that moment. Pulling away, he pressed his forehead against yours and let out a grateful smile.

"Let's get our son back together."

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