CH 10

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You meant what you said. You wanted a divorce. There was no way you could keep up with this nonsense any longer. It was quick of you to pack your belongings and move out of the penthouse. Of course, you wanted to leave before the kids woke up. You couldn't bear to face them. It was 6 am and no one was up except for you. There wasn't a period whereby you slept after the whole incident. Wheeling your luggage, you quietly made your way to the door to make your exit. "Where are you going?" Startled, you turn around to see Megumi with sleep in his green orbs.

"Megumi, are you alright now?" You squatted to his height, checking his bruises as he stared into your eyes. "Are you leaving us?" His voice came out in a whisper. This seemed all too familiar to the young boy. Your throat tightened along with soreness seeping through. What you wanted was to leave without a word but you knew doing so was unfair to the children. Hence, finding yourself sitting on the couch with Megumi. "It is true that I'm leaving." The boy stiffened but he remained silent. "Because you're unhappy here?" He asked as you hummed in response. Megumi may be young but he wasn't stupid. He was aware of how things were in this household. He has seen how you were treated by Gojo, especially after last night.

"Okay." You turned your head to him in confusion. Megumi let out a huff and parted his lips, "It's that idiot's fault." That was all he said. There was a comforting feeling knowing that your emotions were validated. "Thank you, Megumi." He leapt off to his room and came back with his phone, stretching his arm and presenting it to you. Without a word, you knew what he wanted to dial in your contact. "Call me if you and Tsumiki need anything," You returned the device to him. "I may not be staying here anymore but I do care about the both of you." Returning to his room with him, you stood beside Tsumiki's bed and leaned forward to plant a kiss on her cheek. "Goodbye, sweet Tsumiki." You whispered against her skin.

Turning around, there you saw Megumi and it was clear that he wanted to cry. He was still a young boy after all. You carried the boy into your embrace and sat on his bed, feeling him nuzzling against your chest as if to hide his tears. You kept quiet, basking in the moment while stroking his back. Megumi lifted his head with a sniffle and you cupped his face to press a kiss on his forehead. Tidying his bed hair, you smiled weakly seeing Megumi rub his tears away to put on a strong front. "I'm just one call away." You reminded the boy as he nodded after taking in your words. Tucking him to bed, you stroked his cheek to lure him back to sleep. "Goodbye, Megumi." With that, you left, unaware that both siblings were now wide awake from the soreness in their chests.

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