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Warnings: slight OOC Gojo (?), baby Megumi, sweetheart Tsumiki, domestic shenanigans (?), Megumi sees y/n as his mother because he's just a baby :') , Gojo says 'mama' once, slight angst, mentions of divorce

Cold sweat formed on Gojo's forehead, feeling chills running down his body with blurry vision. Shoko managed to carefully detach the dagger from his lower back to find its blade steaming. Geto shared a look with her knowing that it was poisoned. "So much for being the strongest, huh?" Geto tried to lighten the mood while Shoko got down to do more healing. Gojo let out a weak snort and rolled his eyes, "This is nothing, Suguru." Geto furrowed his brows at that statement and remained silent for a moment. "Nothing to you but it's something to us," referring to himself and Shoko. Gojo stayed silent and lay on his stomach while Shoko did some stitches.

You were outside the infirmary leaning against the wall while squatting and having your knees to your chest. Peering to your hands, you swallowed an uncomfortable lump down your throat. The door slid open to reveal Geto and he noticed your figure. "Hey, y/n." He lowered his height to meet your eyes. Glancing at him, you lifted your head and glanced into the room before locking your eyes with him. "Is... Is he alright?" You asked softly. "That guy? He'll live." Geto pointed his thumb at the infirmary. You hid your face in between your knees and let out a sigh, "That's good." Geto moved beside you and he could sense that you were worn out. "Geto, I killed someone today." Your breath trembled as the tall male widened his eyes before softening them. "We're in a society whereby sometimes such extreme actions are needed." He understood how you were feeling, recalling the failed mission back in his second year in Jujutsu High with Gojo. That one mission tarnished their innocence as teenagers, realizing how cruel the Jujutsu world was.

"I didn't kill Miko, Geto. I slaughtered her." Geto parted his lips to speak when Shoko appeared and leaned against the infirmary's door. "Would you like to see him, y/n?" With inched brows, you were perplexed with a mix of uneasy emotions. You got up from the ground and before entering the infirmary, Shoko gave you an explanation and update about the wound. "You can do it. It'll be alright." She patted your back and closed the door to give the both of you privacy. Looking ahead, you saw Gojo reaching for the bandage wrapped around his waist to tighten it but let out a hiss. "You shouldn't move so much," taking the bandage and doing it for himself. "I didn't expect you to be here." His lips tilted to that annoying smirk. "I'm not heartless like you, Gojo." You scoffed and tied the loose ends of the white cloth.

There was an unsaid tension between the both of you as Gojo watched you from his height while you tidied any areas of the bandage to make sure it stays in place. "You're in this state because of me. It's only right for me to check on you." You lifted your head and backed away a little when you realized how close the both of you were. "Oh, don't worry! This is like a paper cut to me." Gojo grinned to downplay the seriousness of his injury. "Whatever." Pushing yourself away from him and folded your arms across your chest. "Thank you." Gojo raised his brow and narrowed his eyes playfully at you. "For?" He tried to dig for more words from you. "You know what I'm referring to, Gojo." You clicked your tongue in annoyance. "No, I don't." He batted his lashes and shudders went down your spine. "For helping me find Mayu's killer," You frowned for a second before your expression softened.

"I didn't expect you to care about it." You added on while sighing. "Well, I don't. I just want to clear my name and innocence when you framed me for being linked to your sister's death." Gojo shrugged and adjusted his shades. Rolling your eyes, you turned a deaf ear on his words. How was he so cheeky about such a serious topic? "In all seriousness, I guess I was indirectly related to Mayu's death." Gojo's voice deepened. Without having him to explain further, you knew that the reason why Miko did to Mayu was out of hatred and jealously that you were to be wed to Gojo. "No, you're not." Straightening your back, you made a beeline for the exit, "Have a speedy recover, Gojo." With that, you left the room, not noticing the slight curve of the male's lips.

It has been almost two weeks since Gojo got injured and the dramatic episode. He slowly made his way down to the living room and heard squeals and giggles. Raising a brow, he wondered why was Tsumiki so happy in the morning even the divine dogs were rigorously wagging their fluffy tails. "Yummy cakes!" Tsumiki clapped her hands in delight and ran to refrigerator to store them for layer's tea break. "Miki, honey~ What's the reason for your happiness?" Gojo sang. He didn't need her words when he saw you at the kitchen with Tsumiki. "Gojo! Y/n's here!" She squealed and pointed at you. "I can see that, honey." He chuckled and walked towards her.

"Uhm, how have you been?" You awkwardly looked away to the fruits you have bought for the kids. "I think I'm ready to fly!" Gojo chirped, only to hiss when he exerted himself a little. Snorting, you shook your head and opened the refrigerator to make sure of the packets of blueberries and strawberries. Tsumiki has ran off to her bedroom to grab her new dolls Gojo bought for her a week ago to show them to you. The divine dogs salivated at the sight of the fruits and you couldn't help but give in to their puppy eyes, feeding them a couple before they ran off to wrestle each other.

Gojo felt a shove on behind his thighs only to see Megumi squeezing between you and him, glancing up at the tall male for a second. The little boy wrapped his short arms around your hips and nuzzled against your warmth. "You're literally attached to her hip, squirt." Gojo pointed out and grimaced. Megumi ignored him only to lay his innocent eyes on you attentively. "Megumi, baby. I bought your favourite strawberries." You ruffled his soft locks before picking the best looking strawberries to wash them for the kids to savour. "Here you go, share them with Tsumiki hm?" You leaned forward and handed him the bowl of strawberries. "Thank you, mama." He addressed you by that term shyly after telling him that he could call you whatever he liked. "You're welcome, my baby." Your heart melted and pressed a kiss to his forehead.

Gojo observed the little interaction between you and Megumi. He wondered when was the last time the boy treated him like how he treats you with sparkling eyes and all. "Mama, huh?" Gojo smirked and leaned against the counter. You visibly cringed hearing that term from him, "Say that word again and I'm going to split that wound open." You threatened. "I'm actually here for a reason." Grabbing your bag, you took out a file with the divorce papers. Gojo looked down to see that you have already signed it. "Here," handing him a pen for him to place his signature.

Gojo didn't understand why his stomach churned when he held onto the pen. He wanted to slap himself to get into the right state of mind. After all, this was also what he wanted. Right? "Yeah, yeah. Here you go." He scribbled his signature of the dotted lines. "Thanks." You neatly placed the documents back into the folder. Gojo looked over to the kids enjoying the strawberries while watching cartoons on television. "They're now children of divorce." He joked, making you shake your head and let his words go by you.

"The strawberries are sweet, y/n!" Tsumiki waved a half eaten strawberry at you. "Isn't that right, sweetie? You can have more if you'd like." Your smile faded when she nodded and diverted her attention to the television. There was a pressure in your chest. You tried to ignore it but failed when Megumi blinked at you, wondering why you weren't joining them. "Gumi wants you." Gojo could see that too as you hummed and glanced up at him, making your way to the little boy when you briefly stopped in your tracks.

"Even after what happened, I'm still wishing you all the best."
"All the best to you too, y/n."

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