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Warning(s): crack, Gojo drinks breastmilk, just a random headcanon I had so read at your own risk :)

"Mom, look at what I bought for Sayuri!" Tsumiki showed off the little frilly dress in her hands. Ever since your little princess was born, Tsumiki has not stopped fawning over her. Truth to be told, Tsumiki always wanted a younger sister to spoil her in clothes, toys and whatever her sister desires. Now that her dream came true, Tsumiki has been spending quite a bit on Sayuri even though your daughter was less than a month old. "I even got this pair of shoes to match the dress. Oh! A hair clip too." She laid the items on the couch. "Thank you, my sweetheart. Do you have enough money for yourself? Sayuri's getting spoilt by you." You chuckled but also worried that Tsumiki was spending over her monthly budget. "No worries, mom. I have enough." Tsumiki waved her hand to assure you.

Seichiro waddled out to where you were, huffing and puffing over running around the penthouse with Wata who plopped onto the ground with his tongue sticking out. "Sticky, mama." He pointed out his sweaty body from all the running and chasing. "Mama will prepare a nice bath for mochi, hm? Give mama a moment." "I'll do it, honey. It's almost time to feed Sayuri." Gojo emerged from the nursery, arms cradling his precious princess. "Oh my, you're right. Thanks, my love." You looked at the clock to check the time. "Miki, sweetie. I heard your conversation with your mom. You sure you have enough money? I can transfer-" "No, thanks!" "But I've yet to complete my sentence!" Gojo whined with a pout on his face. Tsumiki gave you a look, non-verbally asking you for help which made you laugh a little. "Love, trust Miki to handle her finances." Your husband sighed, handing you Sayuri before carrying Seichiro. "Papa wishes that the both of you to not grow up so fast like Miki and Gumi." Gojo gave a cheeky pointed look at his children before heading to the bathroom, hearing both you and Tsumiki giggling from behind.

Soaking in the lavender scented bath tub, Gojo wiped Seichiro's body gently with a towel. The toddler was babbling away while playing with his rubber toys in the bubbly water. "Nami, Nami!" He showed Gojo a Pompompurin figurine that reminded Seichiro about his Uncle Nanami. "Oh? Pompompurin looks like Nanamin?" Gojo took a closer look at the toy. "Wow. He looks like it, mochi." He nodded in agreement, feeling Seichiro giggle at his papa's approval. A few moments later, Seichiro rubbed his face against Gojo's chest which was a sign that he was sleepy. "Papa's mochi is tired? Wanna take a nap?" Gojo held up the toddler to find a sleepy pout on his chubby face. "Nap, papa." Seichiro's white lashes feathered against his skin. "Mm, papa will dry my baby boy up for nap time." Gojo stroked Seichiro's head affectionately.

After stepping out of the bathtub, Gojo quickly wrapped Seichiro in towel to keep him warm before carrying him to his bedroom to dress him in a new set of clothes. "Look at mochi's little belly~" Gojo leaned forward to blow raspberry onto Seichiro's tummy, causing squeals to erupt from the little boy. "Papa, no!" Seichiro tugged Gojo's hair lightly to stop him. Sighing in bliss, Gojo pressed his forehead against Seichiro's and kissed his button nose. "Seichi is papa's cutie pie." He whispered, laying another smooch on Seichiro's cheek. "Mama?" The toddler questioned with an adorable tilt of his head. "Mama's too." Gojo hummed with a loving gaze, lying on the small bed that barely contained his tall and brooding body structure. He carefully lifted Seichiro on his chest, "Have a nice nap, mochi~"

It was unusually quiet. You wondered where your husband and son were because they would usually play tickle fights at this timing. Twisting the doorknob to Seichiro's room, there you saw Gojo taking a nap with Seichiro, the wholesome sight turning your stomach into a puddle of goo. "My love." You whispered, leaning into him. Gojo's fluttered his eyes open only to have a dopey sleepy smile on his features. "Wanna join us, honey?" He suggested as you raised a brow before laughing softly. "How can Seichiro's bed fit the four of us?" You wondered and looked down at Sayuri who was sleeping in your arms after feeding her. Gojo jutted his lower lip, "I'll get a bed that will fit all of us including Gumi and Miki." "Love, I don't think there's a bed at huge." "I'll custom make it then." Gojo huffed, his childish antics showing. "That's going to be expensive." "Honey, I have the money. A bed is nothing to me." Well, that was a fact.

Gojo flickered his gaze to Sayuri who was slumbering away with slightly parted lips. "Our princess is milk drunk. Mama's milk must be yummy, huh?" He wondered, brushing his knuckles against Sayuri's cheek. You felt his eyes on you and decided to lock eyes with him only to see that particular look in his blue orbs. "Please don't say or think of anything inappropriate in front of our babies." You sighed, flicking his nose as he whined at the impact, feeling slight electrical zaps due to your powers. "You can say it in our bedroom though." You continued, looking down at Sayuri to plant a kiss to her forehead. Upon hearing your words, Gojo swiftly yet carefully placed Seichiro down on his bed and made a beeline to the bedroom.

"What was it that you wanted to say?" You entered the bedroom shortly after you placed Sayuri in the nursery. "Do you think your breastmilk will pair well with cereal?" Of course, your husband had to have such thoughts. Sighing, you joined him in bed and gave him an 'are you serious' look. Gojo sat up from his laying position, "Hey! I'm asking a genuinely question! Even looked up online." He waved his phone in front of you. "Apparently it tastes sweet. Honey, you know I love sweet things, right?" You remained quiet while listening to your husband ramble away, zoning out a few moments later. "Love," You held a hand up for him to pause. "Just say you want some of my breastmilk. You don't have to say so much to make it up." "Can I have it from your boobs-" "Nope, from one of the bottles that I pumped this morning. Go take one and try it out yourself." Gojo faltered when his chance to suck on your breasts faded and tried giving the best puppy eyes he could pull off. "Pleaseee?" He even batted his luscious lashes to try to swoon you over. "Satoru." He straightened his back when you used his given name. "Thank you for the food!" He leapt out of the bedroom for the kitchen.

You were watching a show on Netflix to have some alone time in the bedroom but that moment was interrupted when the door widened to reveal Gojo. "Honey," He called out as you sat up to hear his next words. A yelp escaped your lips when Gojo pressed his weight on top of you, "It's sweet, just like they said. I love it!" Gojo smiled cutely. "That's great, love. G-Glad you liked it?" Your statement sounded like a question in that tone, a thumb swiping over his soft lips that had milk droplets. "I think oreos will pair well with it. Ooh, lemme go try!" "Satoru, those are for Sayuri!" You paused to cup his face, causing his cheeks to squish. "Wait, how much did you drink?" You blinked at him with a confused frown. "Just one bottle!" Gojo tried to lie through his teeth but you knew your cheeky husband better. "Maybe three...?" "Three?! And you're out here thinking of having oreos with them now?" You pinched his cheek lightly.

Gojo whined and hid his face against the crook of your neck, "Please?" Don't give into him. Don't give into him- "I'll buy you that Rolex watch that you've been eyeing on." He casually commented. "Satoru, it doesn't work that way-" "I'll throw in a Cartier bracelet too." A pause filled the room and that was when Gojo smirked into your skin, knowing that he has won. "Fine..." You sighed in defeat. "Yay! You're the best, wifey! Love ya!" He cheered and pressed a kiss on your lips before skipping back to the kitchen. A few days later, you were greeted with the gifts that Gojo promised to get you. It was unbelievable that your husband spent hundreds of thousands just for another bottle of milk.

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p.s: Man spent ¥10,000,000 just to push his students up the sorcerer rankings... Imagine how much he'd spend on his wife haha

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