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Warning(s): huge manga spoilers in A/N (read at your own risk)
p.s: May or may not have cried while writing this chapter.

Jitters. Gojo was getting jitters. It wasn't something he was familiar of but here he was standing at the other end of the aisle, clutching his hands, Rolex watch reflecting off the sunlight. Geto snickered and nudged Gojo's side, pointing out that his best friend was nervous from the way he bounced on his heels. Today was the day both of you were getting married. Although Gojo was a somewhat flamboyant man, he wanted a small, private ceremony of close family and friends. Of course, you agreed with him. The officiant made his way to the front and cleared his throat before parting his lips as the guests placed all their attention on him.

"Dear guests, we are gathered here today to witness the sacred union of Gojo Satoru and l/n y/n. We stand here to celebrate the love shared between these two people, as they come together to step into a new chapter of life in the presence of their closest family and friends." The officiant began his welcome speech and Gojo couldn't help but flicker his eyes at the other end of the aisle, patience running thin as he was yearning to see you. The last time both of you met was last evening before you set off to stay at Shoko's over the night with Utahime. "Relax, Gojo." Nanami tried to calm him down but all the white haired man did was sigh and pout. "I can't! I wanna see my wifey!" He whispered shouted. "Now, I invite the guests to rise to welcome the bride." The guests rose up from their seats and turned to the other end of the aisle to witness your entrance.

Soft melodious music played and that was the cue for the doors to open. Upon your first step, voices were heard in awe of your beauty which was followed by cameras trailing your footsteps. Before you were Tsumiki and Megumi who were the flower girl and page boy. Of course, not forgetting little Wata whose tail was wagging vigorously. The dress you were wearing beautifully outlined your figure, completing with the hairstyle and makeup you have chosen as the wedding veil covers your features appropriately. A staggered breath escaped from Gojo as his blue eyes laid on you and his insides fluttered. To him, everything happened in slow motion for him to capture the moment. This precious moment that was the result of the long journey the both of you went through together. Before he knew it, you were standing right before him that adorned flushed cheeks.

The officiant invited the guests to take their seats to proceed onto the next segment of the ceremony. "This ceremony celebrates the beginning of your marriage that is to be a journey filled with love, dedication and perseverance to each other." Both you and Gojo's feelings resonating with the officiant's words. It has been a tough and wild journey for the two of you to be standing at where you were now. "There is no vow more meaningful and sacred than the ones today to build the life you desire together," The officiant took a pause to fixate his eyes on you and Gojo with a warm smile. "Please face each other to declare the vows to one another. Gojo, you may start first." The both of you did what was told and reached for each other's hands.

"I, Gojo Satoru, take you, l/n y/n, to be my wedded wife. I promise to stand by your side through good and bad times, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health. I vow to stay true to you and love you unconditionally for the rest of my days."

"Y/n, please make your vows now."

'I, l/n y/n take you, Gojo Satoru, to be my wedded husband. I promise to stay by your side through good and bad times, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health. I vow to stay true to you and love you unconditionally for the rest of my days."

It was as if the two of you were in your own bubble. Nothing mattered other than this moment. All worries and problems miraculously vanished as warmth and bliss took over. It was funny how you and Gojo were back to square one but this time, much happier and filled with love. If you have told the you months ago that you were going to re-marry Gojo, old you would probably roll your eyes and scoff, finding it ridiculous. "Do you, Gojo Satoru, take this woman to be your wedded wife?" There was a boyish smirked plastered on Gojo's face, "Hell, yeah. I do." Geto snickered while Nanami rolled his eyes while a slight shake of his head upon hearing their high school friend. "Do you, l/n y/n, take this man to be your wedded husband?" "I do." Your lips curled into an endearing smile as tears lined up your waterline.

The officiant smiled and nodded his head, "By the power vested in me, I pronounce you husband and wife. You may now kiss." Gojo didn't hesitate to wait any longer as he pulled you closer for a passionate yet sweet kiss as the guests cheered while Tsumiki squealed and Megumi covered his eyes but still peeped through the gaps of his fingers to witness the scene while a small smile. "It is with great honour that I present to you, Mr and Mrs Gojo!" Another roar of cheers and applaud filled the atmosphere as the guests launched the confetti poppers through the air.

"I love you, honey."
"I love you too, Satoru."

A/N: Guys, my heart hurts. I'm in denial.

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