My story started back when I was 14. I was-ahem- am a HUGE fan of Cody Simpson. Well, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Thory Celis. But my friends call me Brownie and really good friends call me Toto. So, as I already told you, when this all happened I was 14. And I lived in Belgium.

On the 10th of March I'd have a Meet&Greet with Cody Simpson. I had concert tickets and vip tickets. I was so excited. It was the 9th of March, around 10pm. I always sleep with Cody's music. I put my earbuds in and opened my playlist 'Cody ' . As I hit play I thought of a thing to do to get a bit sleepy. I went on twitter, and tweeted: @CodySimpson see you tomorrow #excited . I then went on facebook and updated my status: Can't wait for tomorrow . I got a few likes and comments, comments like: "What's happening tomorrow to be so happy for?" or "Why?? :S" . I then replied: "Finally meeting my hero, my idol, my future boyfriend Y'know, I've never been this excited before " . My friend from school, Tess, replied: "I'm so happy for you!! Your dream is finally coming true Wish I could be there with you and the hottie too " while reading that I giggled. I could't stop thinking about tomorrow, so I put on a song to match, On My Mind. I then fell asleep..



I woke up and went on facebook on my phone while I went to the bathroom to comb my hair. I saw I had a few notifications and 2 messages. I checked the messages first, they were from Tess and Tanne, Tanne is Tess' identical twin, the one from Tanne said: "Thory, I hope you'll have fun with Cody " , Tess' message said: " You've been going on and on about him everyday to me, about how much you love him, his songs. About how hot he is, you got into arguments with Julie because she said he's gay. And now, finally, you're going to meet him. I sure wish you luck and I hope he is just as chill and sweet as you describe him have fun xx" . I smiled, Tess is so sweet. She knows how much this means to me. I then checked my notifications, they were from the Cody Simpson Fanpage. Pictures of Cody and imagines all over the place, or should I say page? I liked them all, then logged off. I had breakfast, then dressed and brushed my teeth. I ran to my mom, remembering I haven't said 'goodmorning' yet. "Goodmorning mom" I said as I pecked her on the cheek, " Finally, I thought you were just gonna forget about me" she said as she winked. I went to my room, not knowing what to do. So I put up my music (of Cody of course) and checked my phone. 3 messages. "Well, let's see who are my friends" I thought. Willem: "You know what day it is today, right?(: xx " "Yeah, of course I do! xx" I replied. Tess: "Hey Brownie, excited much? ;P x" for a second I was zoned out, with my thoughts already with Cody, but then I replied to Tess: "Of course I am excited!! Today I'm meeting my celeb crush, hero, idol, you know what I mean! x" I read my third message. Julie: "Ermagurd :O , you're meeting Cody today??! Haha lol, didn't know that xd" I laughed to myself when I read Julie's text. I then replied: "Well yeah, I am. And how could you not know?? I've been excited and all happy and stuff for weeks " By this time Willem, my best friend, replied faster and the conversation was getting started. Willem: "I know too, because my best friend won't shut up about it!xx" Me: "Who is that weirdo? Haha xx" Willem: "You are, weirdo so already excited for today?xx" Me: "Thank you, and yes, I am excited. But I gotta go now. Bye friendo xx" Willem: " Byeee xxxx" I giggled. I realized I received more texts, 1 from Julie and 1 from Tess. Julie: "You're always happy when talking about him, wich you do practictly all the time so yeah! Not that I care about him, hate him, but hope you have fun. Bye" Me: "True story, and k thanks, text ya later buddy" Julie was the kind of friend that you could do stupid, crazy, silly things with and not even give a fuck. I read Tess' text. Tess: "Text me when you get there and tell me all about it when you're home. Even the details x" Me: "Sure, we'll do gotta go now bye x" Tess: "Yup, bye x". It was 11.30am now, I went to look for my cat, Socks. She's a ginger cat, and very sweet. I grabbed her as I plugged in my earbuds in my iPod and began to sing to the music.