Part II - Chapter 26

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"Jade!" Matteo calls. She and the girl beside her turn their bodies to face us. Jade looks at us and smiles but I can't focus on her when I see the girl beside her.

Oh my god.

"Daisy?" My first friend I ever made stands there next to Jade.

"Bailey?" I smile as I slowly walk up to them. Matteo squeezes my hand before letting it go.

"Oh my god!" She shouts gaining the attention of every single person in the room. She drops Jades hand and runs over to me crushing me into a hug.

"I'm so so sorry Bailey! I can explain where I went. I-I." I stumble over my words apologizing. All these years I have felt guilt over totally ghosting her.

"Shush Daisy. I know, your brother Henry had called me a few months after on your phone. He told me everything. I am just glad you're okay." She squeezes me tighter.

"Bailey I am going to cry." My lip wobbles knowing she isn't mad at me.

"Don't! You'll mess up your makeup!" She pulls away wiping the stray tear.

"Hey Daisy." Jade walks up to me pulling me into her arms. At this point the room is back to its lively party. "I didn't know you knew Bails until she brought you up in a conversation. I then thought I could surprise you today."

"Best surprise ever." I mumble into her shoulder. Pulling away she greets Matteo.

I look at Bailey with a smile. I grab her hand and drag her with me leaving the other two. "Where are we going?" She laughs.

"My dad, just saying Bailey you look beautiful." It's true she has a simple yet elegant black dress on and her hair is so curly and full.

"You look amazing too." She laughs as we reach Dad who is talking with Malakai and Dante.

"Dad!" I call to him getting all three of their attention. Dads eyes soften and they all let a small smile reach their faces.

"Yes baby?" He smiles holding his drink. I drag Bailey beside me and smile up at him.

"This is Bailey! Remember her?" He looks at her and nods his head. He sticks his hand out for her to shake.

"Nice to finally meet you, Daisy would never shut up about you." They shake hands.

"Nice to meet you too."

"Have you eaten Daisy?" Noah comes up to us. I laugh a little shaking my head.


"There is food in the kitchen, Matteo!" Malakai calls to him. He runs up to us and asks what's wrong.

"Get these two girls food."

"Follow me ladies." He rolls his eyes.

"Bye bye." I wave at them.

We meet up in the kitchen with Jade and Deja. "Help yourselves." Matteo cuts through the air.

We all grab our food. Well I try but when I go to pick the plate up Matteo's hand stops me. He picks up some food he knows I like handing me my plate. "I could've gotten it myself." I giggle.

"As long as you're my girl I will treat you as a princess." He smiles as he lean down places a soft and gentle kiss on the side of my lips.

"Ugh get a room!" Deja interrupts us. We all walk outside and go towards Matty's trampoline. Eating on the trampoline we all chat and laugh.

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