Part II - Chapter 27

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Roman and Xander stayed up all night with me. I didn't want to tell them about my dream because it was really bad.

I dreamt of Margaret and Anthony coming back from the dead to finish us off. One by one he killed everyone I loved and then they started torturing me. They threw me in the pit and starved me while I had hallucinations of my family.

I wish they didn't haunt my mind at night. Not all of the time will I dream about them but there are still nights where I am plagued with nightmares.

It was so bad last night that they needed to take me out on the balcony and force me to look at the Eiffel Tower until the sun rose. I feel so bad because they both look so exhausted.

About an hour ago I met up with all my friends including Bailey to say a quick goodbye. Now I am back at the hotel with a mopping Xander and an exhausted Roman. We all sit in our room in silence.

"I'm sorry." I mumble twirling the bottom of my pyjama top. They look so tired and all I want is for them to sleep.

"Don't be baby." Xander says as he pulls me into his side. Someone knocks at our door a little later and Roman goes to open it.

"Geez you look exhausted." I hear Henry say to Roman which only makes my eyes tear up more. They walk into the room and when Henry sees me curled up next to a groggy Xander and my eyes are watering he immediately pouts.

"Daisy why don't we let these two sleep and you can hang out with me? Noah is passed out and James is on a breakfast date with Dante right now." He speaks to me calmly. I nod and give Xander a kiss on his cheek. I do the same for Roman before following Henry out of the room.

Their room was right across from ours so we cross the hallway and enter. Sure enough I see a passed out Noah sprawled out in his bed making me quietly giggle. "He had too much to drink I guess." Henry laughs too. He pulls me to lay down with him on his bed and he takes his laptop out playing a movie.

"Do you want to talk about it?" He asks knowing just from all of our states that I had a rough night with the dreams.

"I thought they came back. They killed all of you and hurt me. I felt them. They were right there." I tell him with a nervous and shaky voice. I squeeze him tighter even thinking about it.

Don't think about them Daisy.

"They are not alive baby. James and I watched as both of their bodies got cremated. They are nothing but ashes thrown into a dump somewhere. They can never ever hurt you again." He reassures me.

"You threw their ashes in the dump?" I giggle a little bit. It is not funny at all but yet I can't help but find it amusing how they both ended up where they belonged from the start.

He laughs along. "Yes it was James idea. I thought it was fitting too." 

I squeeze him and slowly drift off while we watch the movie.



We left Paris about two hours ago and now we are in the car heading back home. Daisy has been asleep since I woke up and found her cuddling with Henry this morning.

I guess she had a bad nightmare because Henry told all of us about it. Xander and Roman look a little less exhausted than they did earlier this morning according to Henry. I hope Daisy is alright today because I have plans to take her somewhere.

I've been working on it ever since she came back and I feel like now that things are getting somewhat better for her, I can finally teach her.

Daisy stirs in Henry's arms and finally wakes up. "You had a nice long nap miss Daisy." James says from the front seat.

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