Part II - Chapter 21

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It's been two days of hanging out with the Kings and I have to say I think I am growing on the boys. Daisy has been hanging out with all of us but she also really likes her space so she spends a lot of time sleeping or drawing. Which leaves me with the scary people that are her brothers.

Dante has been a peacekeeper since he's shown up. I've noticed that James has relaxed a bit especially after talking with Daisy that day. I actually spoke with Dante last night, he's almost like the uncle I have never really had. Anyways, we were talking and he was giving me ideas and pointers on how to go about my feelings for Daisy.

I really, really like her. Apparently it's really obvious too and everyone has realized it except for Daisy. God she's so damn pretty.

I love listening to her speak. I love watching her eat because she always does a little happy dance. I love playing games with her. I just love anything to do with being around her.

I am leaving in a day and I really need to confess my feelings because I am not sure how long we will be apart for.

I have to go back to school following Malakais orders and whatever. I don't get the point of going to school if I know I'm just going to join the mafia but he doesn't care.

I think Malakai is planning some celebration in the return of the missing mafia kids but I am still not sure if that plan is set in motion.

I hope it is because it would be nice to see everyone again. I haven't spoken much to the others but occasionally we talk. I do know that Daisy talks with them all the time.

She's a social butterfly.

A pretty social butterfly.

Roman was laughing at me yesterday because of how whipped I was. Like I said I am pretty sure I have all my brothers blessings. Xander doesn't glare at me anymore, Noah is trying to teach me how to do tattoos, Roman always wants me to play basketball with him, Henry and I both love cooking so we make dinner together every night, and James is being supportive and going back to patting my shoulder and looking all proud at me.

So I think I have gotten their blessing and after my talk with Dante yesterday I think I am going to talk to them.

It makes me sick to my stomach with nerves but I won't move forward if I don't do something about it.

So now here I am it's eight in the morning and everyone but Daisy is awake. We are all chilling in their living room and nerves just flow through my body.

Taking a deep breath I finally build up enough courage to talk to them. "I need to talk to you guys." They all lift their heads. James and Dante have a knowing look. Noah and Henry look confused. Xander just stares at me with no emotion and Roman is smirking at me.

"Damn you finally have the guts, didn't know you had them in the first place." He jokes. I narrow my eyes at him.

"What do you need to talk about?" Henry sips his coffee staring at me.

It's now or never. I take a deep breath and then start. "I really like Daisy, I want to take her out on a date before I have to go back to France, I want your blessing."

Holy shit I feel like I am going to throw up. They all stare at me. Not moving not speaking. It makes me want to rip my eyes out. This is so damn nerve racking.

"Yes, you can take her out on a date, however we will be tracking the two of you for safety purposes and your curfew is before dinner." James speaks up with a small smile but also very serious face.

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