Part II - Chapter 23

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Today we dropped Matteo off at the airport. I tried to hold back my tears but I couldn't help it. I tried to stay strong but the second that Matty looked at me with his sad eyes I let my lip wobble and that's when the tears broke free.

He gave me the worlds biggest hug. I then kissed him, he kissed me back and I heard someone gagging from behind us. Of course it was Romans immature ass.

When Matty boarded Malakais plane, Henry gave me a hug. I didn't like Matteo going home. I mean I know he has school and I have to get back to mine but still.

Now I sit with Roman, Xander, and Dante at the kitchen table. Roman is attempting to teach me math again. He is driving me crazy. How can anyone understand this shit.

We've been here for an hour now and still I don't understand any of it.

"This is so fucking dumb." I grumble hopping out of my chair leaving them all shocked at my outburst.

My dogs who are wearing their bunny sweaters follow me back to my room. Math makes me exceptionally angry. I don't understand any of it. It's like my brain can't process the math. We were working on long division today. I don't get it, there is a calculator on my phone Why can't I just use that?

I throw myself on my bed. Beau comes over to me and nuzzles into me so we are cuddling. I let my tears fall in frustration.

I feel bad for Beau because I am getting his fur wet. But in response he tries to like my tears away which gets a little giggle out of me.

I hear a knock on my door which I ignore. Dante walks in and sits down next to me patting Beaus head. He twirls my hair a bit and sighs.

"I always had an issue with math when I was in school. I get how you are feeling. The best trick I could give you is to take breaks and ask questions. But, sometimes even that isn't enough. It doesn't make you dumb or incapable. Trust me I felt the same way it took me a while to learn that math isn't everyone's strong suit. You are good at art and english. I asked Roman to give me all the school work you've done and your writing is exceptional! Don't let math get to your head, it's not worth it."

"I just don't understand why I can't get it?" I look up at him sadly. Why am I not smart enough?

"If everyone understood math than everybody would be a math genius and can solve all of the worlds issues and whatever!" I nod and close my eyes. He sighs.

"All the boys have to go to the headquarters today. James is going to stay back with us. Do you want to go out and do something?" He asks me hopeful. I really like hanging out with Dante and my dad.

I widen my eyes and look at him. He has a small smile. "Yes! Where would we go?"

"Not sure, we can figure it out later, how about that?" I nod in response. "You look exhausted kiddo, why don't you have a nap and then we can go."

I nod and close my eyes.



I am pulling on my black t-shirt for the day when I catch Dante standing at my door leaning against it with his arms crossed. I sigh as I look over at him.

He saunters over to me before pulling my face to his gently kissing me. I can't even describe the feeling this man gives me. "Let's sit down." He tells me pulling away from our kiss.

We sit on the couch in my room looking out at the back of the property through the massive window in my room. I sit in between his legs laying down so my back is resting against his chest.

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