PART II - Summary

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Daisy Part II

Is about finding love, peace, and freedom.


Sixteen year old Daisy King hasn't had it easy, one way or another she has been locked up her whole life.

Until her brothers came along she didn't understand the feeling of being loved.

But now she understands. Her brothers loved her so much and showed her what freedom felt like.

Now that the threat of the Russians and Margaret are gone everything could go back to normal.

But what about the Kings evil father who is planning for world domination?

Now two years later, Daisy and her brothers are separated and across the world from each other.

What happens when Daisy gets sent on a specific mission with her accomplice Matteo?

What will happen when she runs into the key to getting back to her family?

Will the brothers be the same? Or will her return, turn them back to whom they once were in her presence?

Daisy has two years left of teenagehood, and with a rising threat of another war, a love interest, and new found friends how will she cope with it all?

Read to find out!

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