Part II - Chapter 14

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Carrying my bleeding out sister in my arms is pretty traumatizing. She's pale and her pulse is slow and almost non-exsistent.

Dante's surgeon is already here and she had her assistants and stuff setting up for Daisy's surgery.

He has a medical hall and a small place for surgery. It's perfect for right now. Gently laying her body down on the table I start helping the doctors prepare her for surgery. I administer the anesthesia and start working on her leg as the surgeon drapes her stomach. I am not sure if I could do the surgery on her stomach. I think I would be sick.

"What's her blood type?" She asks me.

"A positive she shares the same blood type with my brothers, James and Roman."

"Okay we don't have a lot of blood on us here so can those two donate?"

"Yes of course take as much as you can." They would give her all of their blood if it meant she survives.

Dante is standing there at the end of the table stressing as he looks over at us. "Dante, go grab James and the others tell them they need to start giving blood." I order him. He shouldn't be here if he's not a doctor.

He nods his head before leaving the room. "Do you want me here doc?" I ask her. If she wants the help I will help.

"Uhm maybe as my assistant. Just to collect the blood and such, maybe even work on her leg?"

"Okay sounds good."

I leave the room and go to the area outside surgery. Seeing my brothers all sprinting towards me I know I am about to be attacked with questions.

"Before you ask she is going into surgery I will be assisting and she needs blood. You two will donate your blood to her as you can while the two of you sit out here and wait."

They all nod and I lead James and Roman to another medical room. They pull their sleeves up and I sanitize the area before collecting the blood in the tubes.

"How are you so calm?" A teary eyed Roman asks, his leg bouncing crazily.

"I haven't processed it yet, I won't let myself until she is in the clear." I collect the first pint of blood from both of them before gloving up and heading into the OR. I set the blood up and start scrubbing in. After I am done scrubbing for five minutes I step back into the room. Seeing my baby sister on the table makes me want to cry, but I hold it in until she is in the clear. I have to.

"Okay doctor work on her leg, while doing that I will speed you up."

I make an incision in Daisy's leg. Working on the bullet wound I can tell it missed any major arteries or veins but what I do see is that the bullet struck her femur which cracked the surrounding areas of the bone. Nothing broken just a few cracks in her bone. She's going to be in a lot of pain.

"The GSW to her stomach didn't hit anything too major but it did nick a few smaller arteries which I will repair. We have to be worried about the amount of blood she lost and the amount of shock her body went in."

I nod and continue with her leg. Seeing the damage to her stomach and leg I can tell we will be here all damn night. I can't talk or really focus on anything else but her leg. I feel like I'm in a cloud and I'm just following the movements.

I will do whatever it takes to keep my baby alive.



Dante is shoving orange juice and bananas into mine and Romans faces. The other two are anxiously sitting there. We all look like a mess.

Matteo is pacing around and Deja and Jade are holding each other.

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