Part II - Chapter 25

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It's the night of the ball. The ball that Malakai is hosting in France. We've been in France for a couple hours now. We have been getting ready in our hotel room since then. Dante is helping me put light makeup on and Dad did my hair a few minutes ago.

The others are getting ready in the other rooms we have. I'm spending the night with Xander and Roman, Henry is with Noah, and James and Dante seeing as they are engaged get their own room.

I'm in my dress it is a golden colour and has long sleeves. It's poofy and super pretty. When we were shopping I thought I was going to lose my mind. Dad and Dante kept pointing dresses out but none of them matched my vibe. Then I saw something sparkle at the back of the store. The lady helping said the dress was too ugly and there were much more nicer dresses. That pissed Dad off because she refused to get the dress I wanted all because she wanted him to buy a more expensive dress.

Dante threatened her and I just stood there with an innocent smile.

Needless to say I got the dress.

Now I stand in my dress looking at myself in the mirror

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Now I stand in my dress looking at myself in the mirror.

"Can I go see the boys?" I ask dad.

"Sure you look pretty baby." He kisses my forehead. I wave to Dante before half skipping have trying not to fall on these heels over to the boys room. They are all getting ready together.

Knocking three times I hear someone shout at Xander before he responds with a vulgar sentence then the door swings open.

"Hiya!" I smile at him. He gasps looking at me with happy eyes.

"Daisy you look so pretty!" He gives me a light hug not messing up my hair or dress.

"Is Daisy here?" Henry shouts to Xander. He pulls me into their room and it's a mess. There are clothes sprawled out and their crap is everywhere.

"Hey princess!" Henry comes up to me and gives me a hug. "You look amazing."

"You guys are messy." I say while I look around the room. My nose scrunches up at all the clutter.

"I got stuck with them, I've been trying to get them to pick their shit up but it's not happening." Henry huffs as he lets me go.

Noah is putting on his shoes and Roman is barely dressed. I sigh and sit on the only empty spot on their beds. "Roman we are leaving soon." I tell him smirking. He's going to get his ass beat by Dad if he's the reason we are late.

He rolls his eyes and finally starts to get changed. Noah sits next to me and turns me so I am laying on his chest.

The door to the room gets opened and in walk Dad and Dante who both look dashing along with all the rest of my bro's. He looks displeased as he sees the state of the room.

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