Chapter 14 - Thanksgiving

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"Okay! My rules of the kitchen are pretty simple. Roman and Daisy stay away from knives, Roman and Daisy stay away from the stove, and Roman," I look over at him. "Stay away from the kitchen in general."

It's the morning of thanksgiving. I refused to let my siblings sleep in because our grandparents and Noah's friend max are coming over for four o'clock. It is currently seven-thirty in the morning. It took thirty minutes to get all of them out of bed. Everyone looks grumpy well, except for Daisy. She's been up since six with me. We spent the hour just planning how we will operate the fiasco that is about to occur.

Daisy hands each of them aprons and we all wash our hands. I have put Daisy and James in charge of the mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, and boiled carrots. Noah and Roman are incharge of stuffing, and Xanders in charge of the cooked vegtables and helping me make the turkey.

Times like this I am thankful our kitchen is huge because all six of us working in a small kitchen would end catastrophically.

James leaves and comes back with a step stool in his hands for Daisy. Poor kid is so short.

Everything is running smoothly. James is letting Daisy lead while taking over the parts where she can injure herself. They both look like they are enjoying their time together. I think out of all of us she is closest to James and Noah the most but it doesn't bother me much because I still get my daily hugs. As long as she's happy so am I.

Xander is surprisingly being a big help which is as a shocker to me. Normally he's only helpful and nice to Daisy so I am shocked that he is acting civil.

Roman and Noah seem to be doing alright. I havent heard any comp-


"What is wrong with you man? Can you not read? Look it says the onions and butter go on the skillet! Not the fucking bread cubes!" Roman shouts at Noah. Normally it's the other way around so the rest of us are surpised. But the only thing I could think was that they lasted longer than I thought they would've before questioning eachothers intelligence.

"The FUCKS a skillet?" Noah yells back at him confused. I look over and see James watching them closely while they argue, still watching over Daisy. Now that I know they are being suprised by the boss of the house, I turn back to my turkey and block the ongoing argument out until its time to put the turkey in the oven.

It appears that while I was blocking them out the argument broke out even more. Then I smelt burning. It took me a second to understand what was going on. But by the time I turned around the bottom half of Noahs shirt was on fire.

Fucking idiots.

I run over to the fire extinguisher and take out the burning fire on Noahs shirt.

"All I ask for is one thing. One!" I start looking at the two of them while the other three watch. God I feel like a mother. "You eat like aniamals and I am the only person capable of cooking in this house. I gave you two morons one job which was the easiest job on the planet! Make the goddamn stuffing. It's a simple five step recipe. But no you read it wrong and started brawling and now your shirt is on fire! Are you two idiots for real?!" I raise my voice at them. I would normally be full on screaming at them but I don't want to upset Daisy. She hates when we yell.

"Sorry." They both mumble at the same time. I just nod and start on the stuffing after I kick them out of the kitchen.

Fucking idiots.



That was pretty funny.

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