Chapter 30 - Found

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"TELL ME WHERE THE FUCK HE IS!" I scream in the Russians face. He opens his mouth but blood spills from his lips.

"" He whispers quietly. I've done quite a number on him. He has only two toes left. He only has 3 fingers left as well.

"You know," I start while twirling my signature knife with my fingers. "Your body only has so many parts I can cut off before you bleed out. Now, you have 3 fingers and two toes so tell me, how would you feel if you only have one ball?"

He starts shaking in fear. "Please no more!" He begs me. Well shit, it's taken 12 hours of torture to get him begging me.

"I don't know, I mean you planted a rapists head on a little girls bed, traumatized her for life. Why should I stop? You're dead anyways. Now I can do this the long painful way or I could it the short way if you just tell me where your boss is?" I growl to him
angry as hell. He grunts.

"Why do you care so much about the girl?" He manages to say it but it came out slurred because he has very few teeth left. The only reason I haven't taken his tongue is so that I could get answers.

"Because that girl is practically my boyfriends daughter. Because the girl has made her way into my life and seeing her as scared as she was makes my blood boil, it makes me want to torture and kill every person in this fucking earth that dares to hurt her. So now, either go out agonizingly slow which might I say could stretch for about two weeks. Or, you tell me everything you know and I end your fucking pain and you can go play poker with the devil? How does that sound? Mhmm?" I taunt him as I lift his chin up with my finger so he is now directly under me.

He shakes his head. I chuckle darkly. "Very well then. Boys strip him, he'll have one less ball in the next hour."

My men do as I say and get this fucker ready.

I hand the knife to one of my men. "Nico you have the honours, I prefer sucking balls not ripping them off."

He smirks at me while taking the knife and putting it near his balls. Before Nico could make the cut, the fucker starts begging again.

"Fine! ... FINE! Okay I'll tell you alright just move the knife away!"

"Now that wasn't hard was it?" I smile at him. Not the smile I give to Daisy or James, but the smile I give to the people I torture. The smile that makes their skin crawl, the smile that makes them shit their pants.

No joke that happened before, the most disgusting shit I've ever seen, literally.

"Vadik is outside Manhattan, he is staying at the Russian base on Mason Street 5963. He's planning to attack the safe house your boyfriend and his family are staying at. They know where they are. You don't have much time. Oh fuck."

"Thanks." I say as I pull the gun out and shoot him between the eyes.

Now it's time to get the Kings to safety.



My brothers and I are currently eating dinner in the safe house.

It's been quiet for a while.

We all know something is up. I mean we aren't one hundred percent sure but something is definitely going to happen and I am freakin terrified.

"Okay whatever happens in the next few days we will all be fine alright? We have each other, we will keep each other safe." Henry says breaking the silence.

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