Chapter 15 - Sick

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It's been two weeks since thanksgiving. Our guests stayed for a couple of days just enjoying Daisy's company. Max has come by twice to visit Daisy and draw with her and Noah.

Last night one of our shipments was attacked by the Russians and almost all of our men who were there dealing with it died. So now here I am, it's been hours since the attack and I am still working in my home office.

My brothers are well aware of what happened and they are growing more worried for Daisy's safety. I am too. None of us want Daisy in danger. I have called a meeting at our headquarters in half an hour. We are going to plan attacks on them and find strategies on demolishing their mafia. In the meantime I plan to get my hands on our mother. She's not getting away that easy.

I head to the kitchen to see all my brothers minus Daisy.

"Xander and Noah you two are in charge of Daisy. Henry and Roman you two are coming to the meeting at the headquarters." I order.

"Got it." They say in unison. I nod and go upstairs to say bye to Daisy. I have no clue when I'll be back tonight so I figure I'll say goodbye just in case I won't see her until tomorrow.

I walk in her room and see her curled up in a bunch of her fluffy blankets. I swear she's obsessed with them. Her hair is all over the place and she is softly snoring which is weird because she normally sleeps like a dead man.

I push her hair out of her face and give her a kiss on her forehead before leaving her room.

Hopefully we can figure out how to get rid of the those fuckers.


Twelve fucking hours later and I am finally back home. We had a really long meeting that lasted at around ten hours. Halfway through I excused Roman and Henry. Rome had a basketball practice and Henry had to get home to make dinner for the others.

I get into bed. But as I am about to fall asleep a soft yet urgent knock comes from my door three times. Groaning I haul my ass out of bed to go see who is at my door this early in the morning. Opening the door I see my Daisy. She is a sniffling mess and her skin is too pale for my liking. "Hey honey what's wrong?" I ask her. My exhaustion gone as worry sets in.

"Throat, hurts. It's hard to breathe... I feel really hot and cold and I can't sleep." She rushes out while she chokes on her sobs. Pulling her into a My hugs I rub her back while standing up with her in my arms. Walking into my ensuite bathroom I set her down on my counter before grabbing a thermometer I keep in my bottom drawer.

While she has the thermometer in her mouth I finally take a good look at her face. She's pale with a green tint in her skin. Her eye bags are darker than usual and her nose is pink probably from the excessive sniffling she's doing. Taking the thermometer out it reads 101° degrees. Shit.

"Baby you have a fever." I sadly tell her while tucking her hair behind her ears. This just makes her cry even more than she once was.

I rest my hand on her forehead and rack my brain for ways to make her feel better. I take a good look at her. I see that she's covered in head-to-toe sweats and fluffy socks. No wonder why she's hot.

"Come on." I try to coax her to stand. She however doesn't and continues to cry. She looks exhausted my poor baby. I take a hold of her and put her on my hip as I walk into my closet. Picking out a t-shirt that would probably look like a dress on her and my smallest pair of sleeping shorts.

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