Chapter 20 - Plans

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Today I meet with James and his family again as we discuss our next moves in overthrowing the Russian mafia. The meeting is supposed to be small. No outsiders. Only close and trusted people are to attend. All of the King brothers plus the boy Noah works with Max. The only people I am bringing is my second Enrico and my sister Tanya.

Tanya's a couple years younger than I am. I'm pretty sure she is the same age as Roman.

"Dante you ready?" Tanya shouts from downstairs. I leave my room and give her a nod before leaving our shared penthouse.

It's safer staying with your siblings.

We drive in silence for a bit until she looks over at me.

"How's James doing?" She questions me with a small smile. She has known about my crush on him for a couple years now and every time we meet up with the King brothers she always interrogates me afterwards. She also knows that I was there yesterday and that I didn't get home till 11 so she is pretty suspicious.

"He's fine." I don't want to tell her about the kiss unless I know he's okay with it getting out.

She huffs knowing she isn't getting any info out of me.

The Kings live about 30 minutes from my place so it's a short ride too their house. Enrico is right behind us as we pull up to their house.

Tanya wiggles her eyebrows at me before knocking on the door.

Noah opens it looking rather annoyed. "Oh it's you again." He says sarcastically to me.

"Yes, here I am back at it again. Now can we come in it is freezing." I grumble. He shakes Tanya's and Enricos hands while greeting them before leading us down into dining area of the house.

There sits the rest of the King Brothers. I make eye contact with James, his eyes soften for a second before turning back to business. The care free James last night was gone and his usual self was back.

"Take a seat we have a lot to talk about." He tells us.

We sit down and sit in silence for a minute. Tanya breaks the silence.

"We have been trying to track down Vadik since last year after he stole our shipment but we haven't got any sign of him in the unites states, that is until last week, there was a sighting of him in Manhattan." My sisters informs them. Vadik is the head of the Russian mafia. We don't know his last name though. He's always been known as just Vadik.

"That was when we got word that Margaret was with the Russians." Henry pipes up.

"Did Margaret ever know where you five lived?" I ask them. More specifically James. He looks pained.

"Yeah she does." He grimaces. "She came around two years ago begging for money. At the time we had no clue that she had Daisy. We let her in because she was our mother. Not even a day later I found her looking through papers in my office. We kicked her out with a heavy threat. I don't know what she was looking for but whatever it was she didn't get it."

"So that's how they have gotten your information because she gave them insight on your address." Enrico says. "You can have all the body guards in the world but they still know where you are and will forever pose as a threat to you guys and your sister."

"Speaking of where is she?" I ask. I knew Tanya and Enrico want to meet her and I know that she was going out but I still feel protective of her and I want to know where she is.

"She's Christmas shopping with our Grandparents." Roman answers. I smile. She's so precious.

"What are we going to do?" Xander finally speaks. All of us are quiet as we think.

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