Chapter 19 - Ma and Pops

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Oh god, oh no. I look around. I'm back in the basement. My old room. I see the dried blood in the corner and I feel the cool air blowing throw the basement.

That's when I here their steps. I cower away and make my self as small as possible.

No this can't be happening. I can't be back here.

Marks loud footsteps boom through the basement as he makes his way over to me and throws me across the room.

I feel paralyzed as I smash my back on the table. I whimper in pain.

"Shut up you stupid cunt." He seethes. I feel him grab my hair and lift me up before strapping me down to the table.

I catch a look at someone in the corner.


"Please! Mom please make him stop please!" I beg her as I hear him pull out the knife.

She walks over to me and slaps me across the face. "You are worthless Daisy. You are nothing. Just some rag doll we take our frustrations out on. I have no mercy for you you little brat. Mmmm baby, what should we write today?" She manically chuckles.


"I say we write what she is, a brat," he sings along while twirling the knife before hovering it over my stomach. "Let's make some art work!"

He digs the knife into my skin and starts carving. I scream hysterically in pain trying to avoid moving too much. This only makes them angrier.

"STOP!" I beg. But he keeps carving.

"Daisy wake up." A muffled voice says.

I continue to scream as he finalizes his word. "No one will ever love you, you are an unlovable stupid brat."

"Daisy it's just a dream." The muffled voice says again.

I look to my mother one last time begging her to help. She just laughs at me with a cigarette stuffed between her fingers.


She takes the knife out of marks hands and plunges it into my stomach.

I jolt awake. Oh god my stomach hurts. I'm hyperventilating and I still feel the knife carving my stomach.

I jump out of bed and sprint to the bathroom where I vomit in the toilet. I feel someone pull my hair back and rub my back as I violently throw up.

Oh god my throat burns but I can't stop. My stomach is on fire and my body is shaking violently.

"It's okay Daisy I got you." Henry whispers.

I continue to throw up until my stomach is completely empty.

I slump back and I land on Henry's chest. He wraps his arms around me as he tries to calm down my shaking form.

"You are okay." He states. I nod. I am okay I repeat to myself.

James walks towards me and that's when I notice all my brothers looking at me. They are all exhausted and worried.

Noah brings a warm wash cloth to my face as he cleans around my mouth. James passes him the water bottle and  helps me drink it. My hands too shaky to do it myself.

"Sorry." I grunt. Geez my throat is on fire.

"Don't be bambina." Roman says from the door.

I curl into Henry. I am exhausted. I maybe got 20 minutes worth of sleep.

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