Chapter 17 - Talks

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I texted Roman to keep Daisy out of the house for a while and keep her busy. I needed her not here when I told them. She would get scared.

We are all killers. We own a mafia for fucks sake. I've tortured people and I have broken them. I am a deadly man. Probably the most deadly man in the country. My brothers? They aren't far behind. Although we are anything but angels, we do still have morals.

Them being common decency like never hitting a woman or child, consent, and not hurting innocent people.

So when I found out that Margaret and her prick of a boyfriend and his friends did all three of those things and more to MY little sister. MY child, it makes me sick to my stomach and it makes me enraged.

No one hurts my family.

My brothers are all the same. We all have one job and that is too protect Daisy. We are all capable of keeping ourselves alive, but Daisy is another story. Although she is mafia blood she doesn't belong or deserve to be in such a cruel world. So we have been protecting her from it. She doesn't know and we aren't planning on telling her until she is mentally capable of processing it.

She is so strong. Her story broke my heart into a million pieces. How could someone so innocent and precious go through so much shit?

I knew it was bad. I mean I've seen it with my eyes. But I never knew how bad it really was. My baby was raped.

Someone forced themselves on her while she was in pain.

As enraged as I am, the only thing I want to do is hold her and cry for her. I know she wouldn't like us crying over her but I don't think I could help it. I want to keep her safe and secure in my arms for the rest of my life.

She is my baby.

I might not be her biological father but I have taken on the role as such. She needs someone to really raise and protect her. She needs a father figure.

If it's for her I will do anything she needs.

As I sit in my office I wait for my brothers to roll in. I called them in here because I need to tell them what Daisy's past was, and I want to do it without her in the house. It will be better that way, and I will speak with Rome when he gets back.

My brothers slowly stroll in.

So fucking annoying.

I love them, but they get on my nerves all the time. Only Daisy doesn't. She's incapable of being annoying. Now my brothers? They are a different story. I'm pretty sure they do it just to get me riled up.

And it fucking works.

"What's up head Honcho?" Xander hollers as he moseys into his chair. Him being the last one in I decide to start just wanting to get this over with.

"Don't call me that," I send him a pointed glare. "Daisy came to me."

They all look at me expectantly. Oh shit how am I going to say this.

"She told me about her life with Margaret. Everything." I start hesitantly.

They will explode when they hear the story.

"Is she okay?" Xan asks me. I nod my head and look to the others who look intrigued.

"We need to find and kill Margaret and Mark Sinclair." I state. My voice lowers an octave as I think about it. As I think about getting my hands on them.

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