Chapter 34 - End

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3rd Person

The King brothers stood still, too shocked to move or speak. They thought their father was long gone, that he wasn't a threat. But he was back now and he took the most precious thing to those boys. Their sister. Xander broke the deafening silence as he charges towards Margaret. He takes his knife out striding confidently to her. Not taking his eyes off her.

"Rot in hell." He growls out at her as he shoves the dagger into her stomach. Margaret screams in pain. He takes the dagger out and repeatedly stabs her until all that was left was her dead punctured body, blood surrounding her.

The others stare at her dead body in hatred and relief, she finally is no longer an issue.

Xander stands back up with tears running down his face, his mother's blood all over his body. He's drenched in it.

Henry being Henry rushes to his younger brother to comfort him. The others stand there emotionless.

As if something clicks in all six of the men's heads, they look at each other and start sprinting towards the doors. Dodging dead bodies they make their way out of the fortress like building. Running through the woods the only thing on their mind is Daisy.

Their little sister. Their girl.

They make it to the car and speed towards the Italian base which is over an hour drive away. Dante swerves in and out of traffic, running through red lights and almost killing a few pedestrians effectively making the hour long ride close to only half an hour.

The boys all sit in the car antsy at the fact that they are so far from Daisy. If Margaret was not lying than that means she's already gone.

James is taking this the hardest. He is regretting every single life choice he's made up to this very moment.

He regrets letting his father go all those years ago instead of killing him. He regrets letting Margaret in his house two years ago, he regrets not moving out of the house after her visit. He regrets how he let Margaret cloud his judgment a few days ago. He knew that the safe house was probably the safest Daisy would have been even though there was an attack on it, at least it wasn't the widely known Italian base. He regrets leaving Daisy alone this morning, in a mafia base. He regrets not giving her another hug. He has a million things he wants to say to her but now it might be too late.

Xander sits in the passenger seat numb to everything going on around him. He hated his mother he hated what she did to his best friend, his sister. He hated that even though she was a sadistic bitch, he still felt some sort of feeling towards her. Not love, he could never love her. But he hated the fact that he just brutally murdered the woman who birthed him. That's all she was to him, but still he never thought he would kill his own flesh.

Noah sits in his seat anxiously bouncing his leg. He is indifferent to what his brothers are thinking. He doesn't want to believe that Margaret was telling the truth. He doesn't want to believe that Daisy is really gone. That she is in the hands of their satanic father.

Fear courses through Roman at the thought that Daisy is with their father. Years ago Roman had walked into the basement where his father was torturing one of their men solely because he was late to an important meeting. Roman watched as his satanic father tortured the man like he was his worst enemy. Roman never told anyone what he saw and now if Daisy is stuck with this man, she is in danger of his wrath.

Henry feels anger. He was always the calmest, the most level headed. But now all he could feel was anger. He feels anger to his mother, to his father, and to himself. He should've never left her alone. He should've fought James to let him stay at the base, they would have been okay without him and now his Daisy is gone.

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