Part II - Chapter 28

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It's been a few weeks since we were in France and still my nightmares have been terrible. Every night I either have one about Anthony or Margaret. On the nights that those nightmares really spook me I either go sleep with Dante and Dad, or Henry. Having sleepovers with the others are a pain in my ass. Roman twitches like crazy in his sleep and he is always hugging me so when he twitches it wakes me up. Noah tends to suffocate me with his massive weight. And Xander has accidentally push me off the bed multiple times.

However, tonight my nightmare wasn't too bad that I felt the need to have a sleepover. I still can't seem to fall asleep though so I just lay in my bed cuddling Timmy and Beau.

I convinced Dad to let me get a second piercing on my ears so Noah took me back to the shop and I got to see Estella, Carmella, and Luca again! Lucien wasn't there which made me sad because I didn't get to meet him properly last time.

I think Noah likes Estella. He looked at her differently than he did with Carmella. He looked at her the way Matteo looks at me.

I didn't say anything but maybe I can talk to Carmella next time we go.

Dante has also been taking me to get icecream. He doesn't let anyone else come because he wants Daisy time. It's always fun because we end up making fun of Dad. He is like my second papa.

Roman has been catching me up on schoolwork and I have finally started to pick up the math. I am on eighth grade level now so he says I am doing really good.

Xander stays in his room most of the time because he is anti social. Sometimes, I bring my blanket in there and sit with him while he plays his games with his friends. He lets me play sometimes and all of his friends laugh at my terrible gaming skills. It's always so much fun.

Henry has been taking the dogs on walks so I always join in. We have two massive trees in our backyard so we have been building a swing for me.

Dad is still being a helicopter parent. I don't mind it but sometimes it makes me want to rip my eyes out. Lately though he's been taking me on trips to the beach where Matty took me.

All in all, the past few weeks have been great besides for my nightmares.

I lay on my bed staring at the ceiling I can hear everything going on in the house.

I hear the air conditioners soft hum and can hear the wind softly hitting the window. So when I hear two sets of footsteps creaking the floorboards I immediately get curious.

Grabbing my blanket I wrap myself up before leaving my room to investigate. Making my way down the stairs that's when I see the reason for the creeping.

Sure enough Xander and Roman are trying to quietly sneak out. "Where are you guys going?" I rub my eyes walking up to them.

"Why are you awake?" Xander gives me a hug.

"Couldn't sleep. Where are you guys going?"

"We were going to explore for a bit."

Explore? What the hell does that mean.

"Can I come?" They look at each other concerned before smirking at me.

"Can you keep up?"

What the hell does that mean?


When Xan asked if I can keep up I didn't know what that meant until now as we are running away from the cops.

To sum the last hour up basically the boys let me come but I had to get changed. So I did and then we silently left. Roman and Xander both took their own cars and I hopped in with Xan. They then started street racing each other which was really fun. Then we stopped at a local bridge and that's when Roman brought out the duffel bag of spray paint.

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