Part II - Chapter 1

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"GET UP!" The guard shouts towards my 'sleeping' figure. I get up and turn my body around so I am facing him. I look at him with my tired dead eyes as he shoves my breakfast into my cell. I look at the plate and grimace at the contents. I don't even know what it is all I know is that it looks like slob and tastes like shit. I reach for the fork provided by the guard and slowly start eating the dog shit infront of me. Even two years later this stuff still doesn't fail to make me feel the need to throw up.

I could really go for Henry's waffles right now.

I shake my head at the silly thought while continuing chewing the slush. I will never get the chance again to have those waffles. Not as long as I am here in Anthony's possession. That's all I am to him. His toy. His punching bag. His killer...

"Hurry up 023, Boss wants to see you." The guard orders looking at me with annoyance. Anxiety ripples through my body at the mere thought of being in the same room as the devil. 

He is evil.

I quickly finish up my food and nod my head to the guard. My prisoner number is 023. He nods back and unlocks my door before cuffing my hands together. He drags me down the corridor of cells. I see the other prisoners and some of the friends I made in the past two years laying in their cells. I catch sight of 025 also known as Matteo looking at me with reassuring eyes. I give him back thankful ones before continuing to be dragged. The guard leads me through the massive fortress.

Once we reach Anthony's office I feel my heart rate pick up. I try and take a few deep breaths but I am thrown in to his office. I fall to the ground and lay there unable to really move because of my sore and tired limbs, also my cuffed arms make it quite difficult.

"Oh doll this is just embarrassing, stand up." He laughs at me. I huff and push through the soreness, maneuvering myself to sit up and then stand. Anthony looks at me with a look of disgust. "God you look filthy."

I nod staying quiet. I would love to tell him to shove it up you know where but I refrain. I'm filthy because I get to shower once a week, and twice on my lady days. I take the insult not wanting to be punished.

"I would tell you to sit but I feel that if you do you'll leave a dirt mark!" He continues to laugh at my state. I know what he's doing. He's trying to get me riled up. Thing is I am not a hot head, not like Xander or 017. I can keep my cool and take whatever is thrown at me. That's why 017 also known as Deja gets beat so much. Anthony gets on her nerves way too easily and she always snaps at him. Xan and Deja would be cute together...

"Oh come on! Not chatty at all today I see..." He stops laughing. All I want to do is scoff and knee him in the dick like I did to Roman but again, I refrain. "I have a mission for you doll, and I really don't feel like beating my own daughter so don't disappoint me."

He says I'm his daughter but he will never be my father. James is my father.

He hands me the file after the guard from earlier uncuffed me. I open the file and see that my target is the American mafias second in command. He looks to be about 40 years old. I look through the file to see if he has any brothers, sisters, wife, or kids that would miss him if he died. I breathe a sigh of relief as I see he has none.

"You will be taking him out from a roof top, follow him around until you have the perfect spot. Once you do we will know and we will fly you back here, your home." He says as he wraps his arms around my shoulders. I try not to shudder. I hate when he touches me or mentions that this is my home.

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