Chapter 18 - Dante

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It's the first week of December. Less than a month left till Christmas. I've never celebrated before. I've never done anything for it. But apparently my brothers are crazy about it.

Apparently they didn't really do anything big while I was gone but now that I am here they want to make it the best Christmas ever.

I am so excited.

I also need to get them gifts. The thing is I have no money and there is no way I am spending any of theirs. So I decided I am going to make them stuff in my art room. I know it's nothing material but they love my art so I want to give them some of it.

I am planning alone in my art room when my phone rings. James bought me a phone a couple days ago I thought it was too much but he said it's a necessity. He added all of the boys numbers plus Grampa, Grandma, and Max.

I look at my phone to see grandma on the screen. I accept the call

"Hi Grandma!"

"Hi my grand baby how are you doing?"

"I'm okay I hung out with Roman the other day! He took me to the park and then dinner!"

"Oh that's lovely baby. How are the boys doing? They are all ignoring my calls."

"Why would they ignore your calls?" I ask her getting annoyed with my brothers.

"Because the are idiotas! That's why."

I giggle into the phone. "I'll talk to them about that."

"Good. So how are they?"

"They are going crazy about Christmas  we are setting up the tree soon!"

"Oh they always loved Christmas. They are so excited for you to be there. That's actually what I called you about. I want to take you shopping so you can get your brothers a couple gifts."

"I don't have any money grandma. I was just planning on giving them some art work."

"Don't worry about money Daisy! I am going to take you shopping tomorrow. Think of it as grandma and Daisy bonding time."

"Okay! What about my art should I still give that too then?"

"Yes of course. They would absolutely love that!"

"Okay grandma! Wait where are we going? I don't like the mall."

"Don't worry baby, I know. I am going to take you to a place that has shops all on a road."

"Okay I'll see you tomorrow love you!"

"I love you too baby!"

With that she hangs up and I go back to planning my gifts.



My brothers and I are keeping a calm front on for Daisy today. We are pretending like everything is alright.

It's not.

We got word that Margaret is in fact with the Russians and they are trying to wipe us out and will do anything to take the position of the most dangerous Mafia in the world. That means taking our weakness.

Our Daisy.

They have already sent threats out. The headquarters have been getting calls saying they are going to take the Italian Mafias flower. They have sent photos of us with Daisy. We are being stalked.

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