Part II - Chapter 12

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Two strikingly similar girls were being held in the box. I had a few suspicions about who they were but it wasn't confirmed until I saw Warren and Lia run to one girl and Lara run to the other. It's the other two missing mafia kids.

But something doesn't add up. I know Anthony. I raised myself but I did learn the best from him. Yet I don't understand why he would do this? I mean it doesn't make any sense.

He always told me to never misuse your leverage. Although I am thrilled that they got their kids back it just doesn't add up. These kids were his leverage.

Anthony has a plan and he has thought it out to the point where he knit picks even the smallest flaws. Which means that that flaw in his plan involved the two girls being in his grasp.

He wouldn't have sent them to us if he knew in the end it would mess his plan up. Because even though that bastard is sadistic and cruel it doesn't mean he isn't the smartest fucker on earth.

Daisy unburies her head from my neck and looks around at the scene. There stood Jade already looking at her with a smile on her face. Immediately Daisy jumps out of my arms and runs towards the girl tackling her to the ground in a big hug.

Lara looks back at me and gives me an appreciative nod.

Matteo goes and hugs the other girl before all three of them curl up in a group hug.

They look so happy.

You know when a parent thinks that everything their child does is great and they are so proud? That's how I feel with Daisy. I'm proud of her new found confidence, I'm proud that she never let Anthony change who she truely is. I'm proud that even though she will have a boyfriend in the future, and he will most likely be Matteo I'm proud nonetheless that she is trusting others and finally doing what she wants to do.

That's why when we cornered Matteo, I said the stuff about how until he can prove he's worthy than he can become her boyfriend. I said it because all her life she's been bossed around and treated like shit. That's why to some extent I will let her do whatever she wants as long as it is safe and responsible.

Daisy deserves to be free and once we take out that bastard we will finally and officially show her the lifestyle of freedom.

I look towards my brothers who watch the four hugging in awe. They love Daisy so much and seeing her happy, even if it's with other people rather than just ourselves, makes us smile.

They pull away from their hug and when I meet the eldest girls eyes I can tell something is seriously wrong.

She doesn't say anything to me though. Instead she looks at my daughter before pulling her back into a quick hug.

"Who's house is this?" The girl Jade asks while looking around at the place. Looking at the two girls I can tell they've been through hell. Their hair is matted and dirt coats their skin.

"It's mine Jade," Dante says across the room. "For the time being this is yours and your families residence."

She nods and asks another question. "It's nice and all but we really need to shower."

Dante then leads both girls to the washrooms upstairs their families following as well. Grabbing ahold of a smiling Daisy I bend down to her height. "There is a reason he sent them here baby, so do you want to be apart of the discussion? You don't have too, if you want you could stay outside with Henry or Roman." I tell her while tucking her hair behind her ears.

"I want to stay with you for now." She says while I scoop her up into a hug. I take her small figure to the sitting room and situate both of us on the couch.

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