Part II - Chapter 10

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We all sit around the massive table debating and planning our next moves. Warren and Lia Xiao and Lara Alvarez sit anxiously. They don't have their young ones yet. They are anxious and are ready to make a move and if I was in their place I would feel the exact same way.

Matteo is being surprisingly helpful. I mean I shouldn't be surprised he's a smart kid but it's just I'm not a big fan of the way he looks at my daughter. He looks at her like she's more than just a friend. I'm going to have a chat with him about that sooner or later.

Anyways he has been mapping the building out and has been showing us the fortress and what not. Apparently there are guards everywhere. We would need to do something completely different than what we did two years ago.

I'm thankful that Matteo is taking over all of the insight and what not. I could feel Daisy's anxiety rising sitting on the other side of the table. I guess everyone kind of noticed because Noah excused the both of them. Xander left soon afterwards.

Xan and Roman have both been really anxious as well ever since Daisy's been back. Xander hasn't spoken much but he always has his eyes on her, that's probably why he left the room. I look over at Roman who looks sick to his stomach.

I stand from my chair and walk towards my younger brother. "Come on." He nods and we both walk into the backyard of Dante's property.

"Look Roman," I point towards the three figures sitting not that far away. "She's right there, safe and sound. We have her now."

He looks forward keeping his eyes on her incredibly small figure compared to her massive brothers. His leg bounces and he starts chewing his nails.

"Something is going to happen, she might get hurt, we might get hurt. Anthony is terrifying. I witnessed his rage when I was a eleven or twelve. He is going to destroy everything, and what happens if he takes her again, for good? Matteo said it earlier. He will kill them. Daughter or not he will torture them for escaping. I just- I can't stop overthinking that something will go wrong. We were too confident about how safe she was last time. We can't let that happen again." He rants and the more he speaks the more his breathing starts to quicken and the more his body starts to shake.

I crouch infront of him and grab his hand putting it on my heart. "Breathe in for me Rome, you can do it." He starts trying to breathe and regain his composure.

The reason why we were so good with Daisy's anxiety was because we learned from Romans. He used to be a super anxious kid. I guess he still is. It appears that he's been hiding his anxiety over his goofiness. Question is how long has he felt like this?

"Breathe Roman." He has tears coming out of his eyes as his body shakes.

I look behind me and urgently call for Daisy. In less than a minute the three of them are infront of a panicking Roman.

"Daisy, he's anxious about your safety maybe you can calm him down." I tell her. She nods and crouches infront of Roman.

"Roman you need to breath." It's almost like he can't hear any of us. She then pulls him into a hug. It takes him a second to respond but eventually he wraps his arms around her pulling her onto his lap.

Finally his shaking body slowly dies down and so does his cries. "I'm not going anywhere." She comforts him.

He nods and holds her tighter. Knowing Roman he probably doesn't like being seen like this so I decide to speak up. "When you two are done come inside alright?"

"Alright." I hear Daisy's soft voice answer. The three of us walk back inside and go back to the dining room.

"I don't know man alright! I don't know!" We hear Matteo yell in frustration.

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