Part II - Chapter 13

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Sitting in this damn safe room makes me feel sick to my stomach. My heart hurts and my mind feels like it's going to explode. I try to keep my breathing calm and my mind clear.

Sitting around and listening to the shots ringing through the house makes me feel nauseous. Memories from two years ago come back from when I was stuck in this exact same position. Knowing that my brothers and friends are out there right now and I am doing nothing makes me feel weak and useless. Truth is, I am weak. I can fight and I can kill but I just can't do it anymore.

I hope this is all over soon.

I grip my gun and set the safety off. I check the chamber seeing it fully loaded. Nodding my head I start humming a random tune I heard years ago. Hoping that it will help calm me down. But the thing is when the sound of gunshots and yelling are going on through the house it's next to impossible to relax.

Out of no where four knocks hit the door. Not three. My heart rate picks up and I ready my gun pointing it at the door.

"Daisy, doll let me in." Anthony's muffled voice orders from the other side. I start shaking my head trying to keep the tears at bay but miserably failing.

I've never felt so scared. He is the devil and he's outside my door. He's the reason I'm tainted, why I am a murderer. He's the reason why I missed out on two years of my life. He tortured me, made fun of me, and took me from the one good thing in my life. He would taunt me, belittle me, and make me feel worthless.

I hate him. He ruined everything.

He ruined me.

"Oh Daisy, when I unlock this door you will wish you followed my order at the beginning." He roars from the other side.

I look around the space in a panic. I need to escape. Seeing the door to Dante's flower garden I start playing around with the handle.

I hear something click from the door that Anthony is trying to get into. Pushing the door to the back open I run through the flower field.

"DAISY!" He screams coming out the door and setting off in my direction. Tears stream down my face as I run through the garden. Squishing the beautiful flowers and destroying the areas surrounding makes me sad. But I keep pushing on.

If I have to run until tomorrow I will. He can't have me again. He just can't.

He's still calling for me and he's getting closer and closer. I won't make it. I will never out run him. I am weak.

Yet here I am pushing through, and straining my muscles. My lungs are in desperate need for a break and my ankles start to burn. My legs feel like massive bricks and it takes all I have to move them across the field.

But when the all too familiar feeling of a burning sensation makes it's way through my right like I drop to the ground.

Too shocked at first I don't feel anything but I do hear a loud ringing through my ear. Looking around I try to make sense of what happened but when I look down to see the hole in my leg that is gushing blood through my pants, I finally realize what just happened.

I was shot in the leg.

Out of nowhere my right leg starts to burn and my head gets fuzzy. Everything is spinning and it feels like an incredibly hot peice of metal is stuck burning into my flesh. Crying out in pain I don't care that Anthony is coming.

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