Part II - Chapter 9

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"I'm so excited!" I started jumping up and down. James and Dante laugh at my excitement. I'm finally seeing my big bros. All of them!

"When will they be here?" I ask James.

"Soon baby soon." He says pulling me into a hug. Matt walks in.

"Morning." He grumbles. I break out of my hug and sprint to Matty and jump on him. "Woah, woah, what's with the excitement."

"Henry, Noah, Roman, and Xander are coming! I get to see my big bros! Matty I think they'll like you!" I babble. I am so excited I can't contain my energy. I feel like bouncing off the walls.

I look back at James to see him glaring at Matteo again! I just laugh and run back to James. I then pinch his arm while hugging him.

"Ow, what was that for?"

"You know what Papabear." I mumble into his chest. He hugs me so tight. Like he's protecting me from something dangerous. Matteo is not dangerous. James is just being ridiculous.

"JAMES YOUR BROTHERS ARE HERE!" Malakai calls from the front foyer. I pull away from James and give him a small smile.

"Okay Daisy, you ready?" James crouches down to my level with a big smile. I nod my head rapidly before we all walk out to the foyer. I stay behind the corner though. Just like Dante instructed. That way it will be an even bigger surprise.

"Hey man." I hear Henry's voice from a distance.

"Nice seeing you again Henry, same as the rest of you." Dante greets the boys.

I hear the front door shut and small chatter go on. I wait for my que. I'm so excited.

"We got a surprise for you guys." James says to them.

That's my que.

"What surprise?" I hear Rome ask as I turn around the corner.

I stand a distance away waiting for them to notice me. I take in their appearance. They all look tired and sad. They also look way more grown up and serious.

Xander looks around and catches my figure standing in the distance. His face contorts to shock before denial. Roman looks at what Xan is looking at only to find me standing merely feet away from them. Next I catch Henry's and Noah's attention. All of them stand there with a look of denial on their faces.

"It's her guys, she found us." James says to them with a proud smile.

"Daisy if it's really you say something." Roman ordered me.

"Can I just have a hug already?!" I exclaim. It's like something clicks in their brains as they all come barreling towards me. Noah gets to me first and no joke tackles me to the ground making me let out a loud laugh. Then the rest of the boys catch up and surround me in a group hug.

"Oh Daisy." Noah cries.

"It's alright don't cry." I wipe his tears away from his eyes but they only get replaced with more. I look to the others and see them crying as well. I let my lip wobble seeing my brothers sad faces. "I missed you guys." I sob.

Xander pushes my head towards his before giving me a million kisses. He's crying, I'm crying, we are all crying.

"We missed you baby." Henry says to me.

We break apart from the group hug for individual hugs.

Xander grabs me first as he drops to the ground. He burries his head in my neck. I do the same to him. "Hi bestie." He cries.

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