Part II - Chapter 15

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It's been one day since I've woken up and now everyone is leaving. Jade is going with her sister home to Mexico and Deja is going home to Canada with her parents. Matteo and Malakai are sticking around until we leave which is in like half an hour or so.

"Bye Daisy, we will see you soon." Jade says bending down to give me a gentle hug in my wheel chair.

"You have the number right?" I ask both her and Deja.

"Yes we will call you all the time." Deja says. I nod and then she moves to give me a hug too.

"I'll see you soon." I tell her.

"See ya Daise."

With that they both say goodbye to each other and hop in the separate cars.

Matty wheels me back into the house where the rest of our siblings and Dante are. "I'm going to miss you Matty."

"I'll convince James to let me fly down to Italy to see you. Maybe you can visit me in France." He suggests.

"You better call me everyday or I swear to god I'll go to France myself." I threaten him.

"Daisy don't act tough you look too adorable."

I huff out a bunch of air before we reach where our brothers are. They all have their suitcases and are all just lightly conversing. When they hear my wheel chair though they all turn to smile at the two of us.

"Ready to go baby?" Noah walks up to me.

"Yes." I smile. I want to leave this house. I don't like it here anymore.

Dante comes up to me and crouches down. "I hope you have fun in Italy, it's beautiful there, take it easy and when you are fully healed raise some hell for the boys." He gives me some advice while whispering.

"Should I?" I whisper back.

"Yes, and by the way freak them out a little about your new 'friend' here." He whispers in my ear so quietly no one around us can hear.

"Okay!" I laugh. I totally will raise hell. Not too much though. With that he kisses me on the cheek and I do the same before he stands up and goes to speak with Matty.

"Bye Malakai!" I wave at him.

"Bye kiddo have fun in Italy."

"I will."

With that the car pulls up and Noah pushes me in the wheel chair back outside. When we get outside the warm air surrounds me and comforts my slightly shivering body. The boys start loading up the car and I take the chance to speak with Matty.

"Matty, I just wanted to say thank you for everything you've done for me the past two years, I wouldn't know what would happen if you weren't around."

"Anything for you darling. We need to go on adventures now. I'll come by soon okay?"

"Okay bye." I pull him into a hug and kiss him on the cheek. He reciprocates my action and does the same thing to my cheek, my heart flutters like crazy and I try to ignore the blush on my cheek.

Why does my tummy feel weird?

When he pulls away though I see all of my brothers glaring holes at us but once they see my blushing cheeks they jump into action.

"Okay enough of the goodbyes you'll see each other soon thanks for everything goodbye!" Roman rushes out panicked, quickly wheeling me away making us laugh.

So protective.

I wave at the three of them before Noah situates me into the car seat buckling me up like I am a toddler. I give him a small glare to which he gives my forehead a kiss.

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