Part II - Chapter 18

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"No absolutely not." I refuse what my brothers are proposing. They are delusional if they think I will get into that pool. That pool is a death trap, a hunk of water that will drown me and swallow me whole. It will sweep me up and lead me directly into a sharks fangs, eating me alive, ripping me apart, and shitting me out.

Do sharks even poo?

Who knows? I will search it up later.

It's been a week since we have moved into this home. I love it so much. My room is perfect and I either spend my days in there, the kitchen, or the living room where I play this game called Minecraft with Roman. We are currently building a massive city and once we are done we are going to show James.

He's been so stressed and busy with work this past week that I haven't bothered him that much. I give him hugs and what not whenever I see him but I havent dared asked him to do anything for me. So, instead I've been having sleepovers up with Henry. My nightmares are really bad and I don't want James worrying about me.

Now here I am sitting in the living room with two of my brothers who are begging me to go swimming with them. I still can't even walk! James, Henry, and Xander are all at the Italian base doing meetings or whatever leaving me with annoying one, and annoying two. Also known as Noah and Roman.

"Please Daisy! It will be so fun, we wont let you drown." Noah tries to persuade ne. Good luck big guy no way in hell am I getting in that death trap.

"Daisy you've sat inside for a week now! Let's go have some fun!" Roman starts jumping around scooping me off the couch.

"I'm fine here." I say mattarfactly.

"Please, please, please, please, please, please, ple-".

"Oh my god! Fine alright!?" I groan. What the hell did I just agree to?Roman and Noah start jumping around and chanting like a bunch of idiots. Like seriously they are 22 and 24 years old and they are chanting and running around the house with me in their arms. If Dad was here he would have yelled at them and then let me eat a donut.

Favouritism has its perks.

Roman lightly throws me on my bed before the two of them start scavenging in my closet for something. I dont even bother anymore. I will be watching tv on one of their laptops and one, two, or even all of them will just randomly walk into my room and start playing with my decor or opening my things. I don't say anything because one, everything I own was bought by them so I am grateful, and two because I do the exact same thing to them.

"Ha! Found it!" Noah laughs and then turns around looking at me. There he holds a black one piece swimsuit. Oh for fucks sake.

"I'm not wearing that." I refuse. That will show off my arms, legs, and back and all of that has even more scars and marks than they did two years ago.

"What else would you wear?" Roman asks me confused.

"I have too many scars that I personally would never like to be shown to anyone ever and that is way to showy." A look of realization crosses their faces. They look very sad and honestly so do I.

I would love to wear crop tops and shorts but I have so many damn scars I dont want any of it to be shown. I'm worried I will be seen differently and people might think I am disgusting.

"Daisy, you do know that we don't care that you have scars. You shouldn't have to hide them. You shouldn't have to miss out on the joyous things in life because of your body. It's not worth it." Noah hugs me. He wraps me so tight in his massive arms. I feel so safe and so comforted.

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