Chapter 4 - Rules?

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I wake up in a cold sweat, my heart pounding in my head. My vision takes a few seconds to clear. I had a flashback about life in the basement. I am just thankful it isn't one of those nightmares where I wake up the whole house.

I leave the warmth of my bed going into my bathroom attached to my room. I figure I might as well shower to pass time. I mean I was told I could do anything and I still haven't gotten in trouble. Xander doesn't like me though. I'm not sure what I did but maybe if I avoid him I won't make him angry?

I feel like I could trust them but I'm still worried, it's only been two days since I met them. They could easily switch up on me and be like my parents. Maybe I should ask James the rules? I'm worried that if I talk to them they will get mad at me. But how can I live here without knowing the rules?

I get to the bathroom and then look into the shower unsure if I should use it or not.

Leaving my room I feel like I am on a mission. Well in my brain it is a mission but anyone else walking by could clearly see that I am absolutely terrified.

I make it to James room. Stopping in front of his door I take a deep breathe before knocking three times.

"Come in." I hear his muffled voice through the door. I slowly walk in and see James on his bed with his laptop on his lap. He's staring at me.

"Hey baby are you okay?" He asks kindly with a hint of concern in his voice. His eyes look me up and down checking for something. Once he is satisfied he raises his eyes back to mine.

"I don't know the rules." I state.

"What type of rules are you looking for?"

I shrug unsure.

"Okay come here," I go sit right in-front of him on his bed. "Well I do have rules, I'll list them okay?"


"Rule 1. No disrespect we are all family and we all deserve respect. I don't see you having an issue with that though.
Rule 2. Ask for permission to leave the house.
Rule 3. No harming yourself or others.
That is it for my rules, I don't have much but they are there for your safety."

Those are reasonable. I would never disrespect any of them and I would definitely never harm them. I also am terrified to go out in public so that shouldn't be an issue.

"What about showers?"

"What do you mean hun?" He raises his eyebrow. His face is confused and concerned as he processes what I asked.

"Um, like, am I allowed to use the shower?" I ask kind of regretting coming here now. He probably thinks I am so stupid.

He looks at me and then moves closer.

"I am going to put my hands on your shoulders alright?" I nod. He places his hands on my shoulders.

"I don't know a thing about your life before two days ago, but what I do know is that you haven't been allowed to do much. So I am telling you that you are allowed to eat any time you want, shower anytime you want, watch tv any time you want, and go outside or around the house anytime you want." He pauses tucking a piece of fallen hair behind my ears. "I remember when you were little you always used to follow me around the house. You were so happy. Everyone adored you so much you were the family princess. When you were taken everyone changed. But you know what didn't change? Our love for you. We will give you everything in the world. And I know for a fact that all of us will do just that. You don't deserve what was given to you. If I could trade places I would. But now that you are here we will all be there to love and protect you. I love you so much princess and I know right now you don't trust us but I hope that one day you will."

I let my tears fall. No one has ever said they loved me. No one ever cared for me. I was always a waste of space and a burden. It feels so good to hear someone say that they love you.

I throw myself in his arms. He seems shocked by my action but quickly wraps his arms around me and holds me as I cry.

"I've never had a hug." I mumble against his chest. It's true only punches and kicks.

"Well I know for a fact that when you are ready the boys will be lined up too give you big hugs." He kisses the top of my head rubbing my back comfortingly.

"Even Xander?"

"Even Xander." He confirms.

"Why does he hate me?"

"He doesn't hate you, he loves you. He can't show it because he's scared to get hurt again. You were his best friend and since you were gone he never got close to anyone again. Just give him time."

I'm glad to know he doesn't hate me.

James doesn't make any move to let go of the hug so I just sink into his arms a bit more and let sleep consume me once again.



I have never been any happier than I am right now. I have my baby in my arms. Safe and warm. After thirteen years.

When she came into my room this early in the morning I was worried she had a nightmare or something. When she mentioned the rules I grew even more confused than I already was. But when she asked about the shower it all clicked. She has no clue what she can and can't do around here.

I made it clear to her how much we love her and then she threw herself at me. After everything I thought she wouldn't want to be touched by anyone. But now I know that isn't what she needs.

She needs physical interaction. She needs hugs. I'll be damned if I ever turn down a free hug from my baby.

She came into my room at only five in the morning. I had woken up fifteen minutes prier to her visit so everything worked out fine. I don't think she realized how early it actually was.

Today Roman and Henry are taking her shopping. She needs clothes and other stuff. I don't know if she's been in public before but I'm hoping there won't be an issue.

I look down at the clock on my bedside table. It reads six. I need to get up soon but I don't want to leave her. She is so warm and cuddly. I decide to have a nap along with her.

Because what the hell? I am the boss, work starts when I am there.

I shut my laptop reposition her so she is lying on my chest and then drift off. My arms securing her so that no one will ever take my girl again.


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