Chapter 27 - Safe House

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My baby is sleeping in James arms as we drive to the safe house. It's been a crazy few hours and I am exhausted but on high alert. Same as my brothers.

As we pull up to the safe house in the middle of the forest we quickly grab our stuff and the dogs and got inside before we could be seen.

We all breathe a sigh in relief before getting our stuff all together and making sure Daisy is comfortable when she wakes up.

We close the blinds and keep the lights on the lowest setting.

The safe house is a small but well built house that has bullet proof glass and walls with a very complex security system that will keep us safe and under protection.

For a while at least.

No phones, no tablets, no laptops. Nothing that could be tracked. We will have to kick it old school which means board games and reading.

I don't think we will be doing any sort of relaxing anytime soon. With Daisy probably the most traumatized she has ever been in her fourteen years of life we are going to be walking on constant eggshells around her. We will be taking shifts in staying up with her at night in case she gets a nightmare and we will be following her around like lost puppies to make sure she doesn't hurt herself.

Speaking of, Daisy starts to wake up in James arms.She stares straight forward. She looks numb.

"Hi pretty girl." James greets her with a soft smile. She doesn't respond. She is trapped in her own mind, I don't think she even heard him.

"Daisy we are at the safe house you are safe now." Roman tells her. Xander looks worried out of his mind. Henry looks deep in thought and I probably look helpless.

We are so out of our league here.

She can't catch a break. After all she's been through she gets better only to take ten steps back.

"Let's go make some dinner boys." Henry says while standing up, we leave James and Daisy in the living room as we go to the kitchen.

Let's just hope the numbness passes.



"Daisy why don't we go on a walk?" I've now positioned her so she's sitting on the couch and I am crouched down infront of her.

Her head is in my direction but her mind and her eyes aren't here. She looks right through me.

I sigh before moving around her and grabbing her bag.

I pull out her hair brush and start brushing her hair. It's knotted and crazy at the moment and when she snaps out of this she'll be pretty pissed to mind her blonde locks knotted.

I gently comb through her hair then start working on her braids. I part her hair down the middle and start braiding her hair.

When Daisy first came here I learned how to do her hair just in case she needed help.

She never really did up until now.

I think messing around with her hair has comforted her because I saw her head un stiffen a bit.

I don't know what to do here. Do I just sit with her and wait it out? I guess that's all I can do.

"Okay Daisy I'm taking you to your room okay? It's not going to be as comfortable as your other one but at least I brought your blanket."

No answer. She continues to look straight forward.

Xander walks into the room and bend down to her height. "Hey munchkin, do you want food? Are you hungry?"

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